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    AMD Athlon 200GE
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    Gigabyte B450M DS3H
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    Corsair Vengance LPX 8GB 3000Mhz
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    Asus ROG STRIX AMD Radeon RX570 4GB
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    Lian Li Lancool PC-K59
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    Corsair VS550
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  1. Don't worry Dell, you can be be losers with us: the consumers.
  2. I want the app to say it in the Nanosuit's voice from Crysis. ''White nationalism slider: 100%, n-word filter: engaged, Maximum safety''.
  3. I see, but you'd expect semiconductor manufacturers to be a bit more cautious you know? Factory issues have been cited as reasons for international shortages and price hikes for years and it just seems like an excuse at this point.
  4. Is it just me or are semiconductor factories are very susceptible to fire?
  5. @EigenvektorThanks for the detailed response! I've always known to look for higher frequencies but timings were always confusing.
  6. @EigenvektorWould you kindly recommend an article/video explainer about latency and calculating it?
  7. Just to be topical to the title of the thread, people would use stuff like RPGMaker XP. EDIT: I just checked it out and it doesn't require XP. Its an old engine that works only on XP/2000 and it has the infrastructure in place to make a Pokemon game pretty much DIY. If I wanted to do that, I'd have no choice but to pick XP. I'd imagine using old but very specific software like this is a very big reason why people would still use XP, and I don't blame them for it. People should pick their software, we aren't obligated to host M$'s latest big idea on our PCs.
  8. @LAwLzIt doesn't overwrite copyright but it does create a parallel system of verifying ownership doesn't it? Doesn't that make it a possibly illegal(based on country's laws) alternative to copyright? @SauronCopyright would apply legally but what I'm concerned about is if instead of the normal system of copyright verifying ownership, everyone accepts NFTs as a system of verifying ownership, can't NFT's make copyright redundant? @BombastinatorI imagine normal proceedings for unlicensed use of work could be initiated. The main difference would be that while there was no method of water
  9. I think this is overall going to be bad for artists, and correct me if I'm wrong, because: 1.Earlier, artists could upload a work and while anyone could copy it, they could get it DMCAed because even a work they didn't register for copyright would at least automatically assumed to be theirs' because it appeared on their account and they could potentially have higher quality originals. 2.With NFTs, someone could steal a piece of work, register it on the blockchain, effectively making it transferrable and giving some legitimacy of ownership to the current owner of the NFT instead of th
  10. Thanks for all the information and advice guys! I already have a hosting service in mind and they do offer getting the domain name with hosting and installing wordpress.org. So with those things taken care of I should be OK right? From what I understand, this is like installing something on a virtual machine, would that be a bad comparison? @MlingI'm going to be using wordpress.org(not .com), which I think is the same thing with less support features. The same advice applies right? Will do about the email, have enough stuff on my other emails already. @EigenvektorI fou
  11. Guy with no coding or web dev background here and I want to start a self hosted blog to feature my research articles / blog posts. Its a showcase of research work, so a bit more serious / scholarly than a hobby blog so I want my own domain and some site customization features, hence wordpress. From what I've seen on youtube, getting a domain name can be done through the hosting provider so that's not a big problem but what after that? Tutorials say ''install wordpress'' but I thought wordpress was like the OS or GUI that you install on your website. Also I know wordpress is coded i
  12. If this was intentional, this would be the prime example of a company using the controllability of digital distribution to enforce planned obsolescence. All the removed games can now be released on another console, possibly as exclusives; adding to the fact that users weren't on the lookout to buy / archive these games since they didn't know this was going to happen. Even Konami had the decency(wow what a thing to say) to announce they'd be removing PT.
  13. I think this is a result of to much mainstream attention. Games have released in much worse states and have been sold shamelessly despite having much more egregious problems. The huge hype, the blatant admission of guilt and the PR disasters of encouraging refunds and Sony pulling it off the playstation store has more to do with this than it being the worst launch ever. Everyone likes a good scapegoat and for the people who don't understand the actual state games are released in, CP2077 is much more of a trainwreck than it is us who know that this stuff par for the course. Basically CP2077 was
  14. Inkjet printers are an abomination and a scam in their current state. After 4 printers in the last 10 years (first 3 from HP) I've given up on the idea of home printing both for photos and documents. I once dreamed of getting old books I could print and having them bound by a local binder, but when every cartridge tops out at around 50 pages, I just cringe when thinking about printing. The printer landscape lacks standardization in hardware and software that it should've had as soon as wifi became popular. The scanner that comes on modern all-in-one printers are entirely proprietar