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    ASUS TUF (Wi-Fi) x570
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    32 GB G.Skill Ripjaws @ 3600MHz
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    Zotac RTX 2080 Super (Default)
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    Dimastech TestBench V3.0
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    Lubed GK61 (KBDfans 5° 60% Aluminum case) w/ Speed Silvers switches (Gaming)
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    Logitech G502 w/ Hyperglides
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    Sennheiser PC37X
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    11 Pro Max (256GB)

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  1. If you know the overclock is stable, you can try running DDU? Clean up some hidden GPU drivers and reinstall the latest NVIDIA driver afterwards.
  2. I'd say go with Intel just for the fact that they are the budget CPUs now. On the other hand, I recommend AMD, but Intel isn't bad considering you'll save $$$ and can put it towards other parts of your build. While also getting about the same FPS.
  3. I personally have been getting decent frames on BF2042 but I haven't got to try FC6 yet. Obviously its in beta still for BF2042, but from what I played it was decent. For the same price as you'd spend getting a 5600x, you could wait and see what 6XXX series has to offer.
  4. Make sure you put the right screws back in each hole. Just match up the layout of screws to the layout of the PCB on the board and you'll be fine
  5. You try running DDU and remove hidden drivers in your system. Then reinstall the new driver after you cleaned it up
  6. Could try using DDU to clean up some hidden GPU drivers?
  7. Get a GPU that can have the latest drivers. I had a 660Ti for awhile and it ran well but with driver support ending you may not be able to play future games going forward.
  8. More than likely you'll be fine. The QVL list is provided on the site b/c those are the RAM kits that were tested on that specific model of mobo.
  9. Could run it for a Emulation machine? Play some old ROMs or something.
  10. Have you tried turning off PBO? (I think) And other settings to get better results? I've never used the A320M or that chipset, but it should be relatively the same? Which I've never ran 1st gen Ryzen tbh
  11. Also maybe check your breaker box and breaker to the room.
  12. At MINIMUM 1 TB ram is needed. Recommended specs are 2x 9900k CPUs, 2x 2080Ti or higher, and only Gen 4 NVME SSDs.
  13. Definitely gonna need 128GB of RAM to run most of the AAA titles nowadays.
  14. It wouldn't hurt to check the die and see if it needs new paste. Preventative maintenance
  15. Could always set a more aggressive fan curve. As long as you're not losing performance and hitting thermal capacity.