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Are you looking for something specific?

There's been a good handful of videos regarding weird offbrand sites like aliexpress and wish.

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Best place to shop is wherever gets you the lowest prices and that is reuptable.

Not sure how trustworthy AliExpress is, but I'd trust Amazon, Newegg, B&H, and basically anything that's on PCpartpicker


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8 minutes ago, Kabore Boris Damien said:

I Linus have you ever made a video about the best place toi shop online like newegg or Aliexpress. 

He probably has never done so, because a lot of place are decent to shop at. Plus with places like Newegg, Aliexpress and also Amazon (as well as many other 'webshops') there are actually a lot of different vendors selling through those platfoms. Covering all of those would be almost impossible, seeing as there thousands of different shops.


They have done a livestream in the past showing off their Black Friday shopping experience, I believe on Newegg and Amazon.

And the 2018 edition:



With Amazon and Newegg they are covering a large majority of their following (as both are quite ubiquitos) and they also have 'affiliate' links, that make it so if you click that link and purchase something, they get a monetary kickback, so that makes them a good bit of money too.

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Linus has only knowledge about US online retailers. He doesn't deal that much with Walmart, BestBuy and so on since those aren't a thing in Canada. So doing video about best place to shop your components, I think he might pick MemoryExpress as its local to them and the service has been good to them in past.

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