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    Intel Core I7 4770K
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    2X 8GB DDR3
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    GTX 1070 STRIX
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    220GB Sandisk SSD
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  1. I'd go with PC 1 The CPU is much stronger, which will be a huge help for Android Studio and for your work. Nvidia's broadcast suite (RTX voice, background blur, etc.) should also be useful if you have video calls for work. Gaming performance on both PCs will be very good, but PC 2 is slightly better in gaming.
  2. Nope, existing SSD doesn't matter. Either your SSD is dead or you're installing it wrong.
  3. Are you sure you plugged everything in to the motherboard (specifically the power button) correctly? No lights at all sounds like either the motherboard isn't getting the 'power-on' signal, or you didn't plug in all the power supply cables. I'd double check your motherboard manual to make sure you're plugging the front-panel connections into the right header in the right positions, or you can try shorting the two power switch pins together manually with a screwdriver or paperclip or something. Also, does the PSU fan spin when you try to turn the pc on?
  4. Does it show up in the BIOS? AKA Is it missing from the BIOS, or just from some other program like Windows Install Media
  5. Yeah seems fine. As long as temps don't get higher than 90c you're fine. This is probably some program that's running every X seconds and triggering the processor to boost higher (and therefore heat up as well)
  6. Getting GPUs nowadays is an absolute nightmare. Get this: https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/saved/1NC0HF and use promo code SPRING0410 to get the price down to $1450ish only downside is that it takes a few weeks to ship...
  7. That video is a joke. You don't ever need to clean your motherboard from a functionality perspective, but if you want it to look good you could spray it with canned air or use a paper towel (or qtip for hard to reach places) soaked in isopropyl
  8. I am an Indian. Am I able to enter in Rog Rig Reboot 2021.

    Because I really needed it because my laptop is just a piece of Junk. Only 2gb Ram 


  9. Part of the clickbait title/thumbnail -- As a company it's a no-brainer since it gets like 25% more views, and the actual video content itself is still roughly the same.
  10. if it clicks, on both sides, it's in. if you don't see any gold contacts, you're probably fine.
  11. No, it won't affect the speed of anything. The first PCIe slot is directly connected to the CPU, so nothing at all could slow it down. the 2nd M.2 slot is either direct to the CPU, or through the chipset (I don't remember), but it doesn't really matter too much either way. Installing an M.2 SSD in the 2nd slot will disable the PCIe E2 and E3 slots, page 18 of the manual that came with your motherboard.
  12. I'd personally wait until mid-january at least -- then hopefully parts can go back in stock, and Intel might be closer to releasing their new rocket-lake CPUs which could beat AMD's for gaming. (at the very least, it will drive prices down.)
  13. Right now is both a great and horrible time to build a PC. Great because everything's new. New GPUs, new CPUs, and you're getting top-tier performance. Horrible because nothing is in stock, and because lower-budget offerings (like a better-value 8-core AMD 5000 series CPU) are being held off until the supply shortage is solved. If you want to build now, I'd advise a Ryzen 5600X or intel 10700K. (fast memory is also a good idea, especially for Ryzen get 3600Mhz). For the GPU I'd get a 3070 if possible, or a 3060Ti if a 3070 doesn't fit in the budget. However, it all depen
  14. Did you initialize the drive? Go to "Create and format hard disk partitions" in windows and see if it shows up there.