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Is there such a think as a custom-keyboard (programmed to input pre-set commands)?

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So I use Google Docs all day long. And I need to do a lot of formatting. And I am really getting tired of the constant Underline, Bold, Italics, Highlight commands (the highlight command does not even have a keyboard shortcut).


I just had a thought. Is there a "keyboard" that can be programmed to do one-button commands? 


Advice would be appreciated. 



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2 minutes ago, idh1oi12jkl31jk2bgve3jk12b said:

I just had a thought. Is there a "keyboard" that can be programmed to do one-button commands?

What you're looking for is a macro and there are a LOT of keyboards with macro-keys on them. You can also buy a separate device with macro-buttons on it, if you don't want to replace your keyboard.

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You can do this with any keyboard using a software like AutoHotKey (let me know if you want more info), or this can be done natively with many keyboards too, for example if they have QMMK firmware or have programs like iCUE/Razer Synapse to work with.

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Taran has a video on this

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