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Logitech G Hub - mouse buttons disable randomly (G602)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi. I'm having an issue with my G602 - side buttons stop working after a while. To make them work I have to turn mouse off and on or relaunch the G Hub. So apparently it is software issue. Not the first one with G Hub.


Long story now.

I'm using this mouse for almost a year. First 5 or 6 months it was working fine on batteries that come with it. And I was using LGS, since G Hub didn't support G602 at that time. Then I had connection issues - my mouse was disconnecting at random time, maybe it was bootlooping (LEDs were blinking constantly until I kill LGS). Only with LGS. If I kill the program or use mouse on another computer, mouse was working completely fine. I'm using laptop and the receiver is on the right side, in close range to the mouse.

When stock batteries died I was using batteries from my local stores. Cheap, expensive - doesn't matter - my mouse was killing them within couple weeks. Recently switched to using rechargeable Eneloop 1900 mAh, seems good. I suspect that reconnect issues were related to bad batteries, but definitely to software also.

So both programs LGS and G Hub were having issues with connection for a while. I was speaking with Logitech support for 2 months (august and september) and in october 2019 Logitech released update that somehow fixed issues. They also fixed issue with default button actions (when I assign macros for a side button but along with the macros the button was doing default action "back" and "forward").

So everything was working fine. But in december Logitech released an update of G Hub after which my side buttons now stop working at random time. I have to turn mouse off and on to fix it for temporarily.


Does anyone else here have same issue? Is there a way to find previous versions of G Hub? Logitech doesn't help me with that.


Why I need G Hub? I'm using different side button actions for different programs and games and G Hub switches them automatically (not perfectly, btw). Also I can't put settings into the mouse memory - it is "loading" forever.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

2nd day of testing old LGS (even though it's latest version). Side buttons are working fine, no sudden disables. Problem is definitely in G Hub.

But old bug is there - in game mouse sometimes turns off and on instantly. Maybe under the load, but I'm not sure.

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On 2/5/2020 at 5:00 AM, Bombama said:

2nd day of testing old LGS (even though it's latest version). Side buttons are working fine, no sudden disables. Problem is definitely in G Hub.

always use LGS on that mouse, it always works for me. but i the battery issue is new, my G602 works perfectly fine on 2 AA batteries (just regular alkaline) works for months. 










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