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  1. I actually think it's weirder and potentially more troubersome by the fact that your GPU reach 60 degree while idle, it shouldn't even reach 40 in a good airflow case just for comparison my 3080 got 65 at most at full load, I will be very concern if I got that kind of temp while not actively game or work on GPU intensive task
  2. true, pehaps I simplified that a bit too much just to get my point across
  3. It has better power draw, so no not really Intel 14nm++++++ is a refresh because it's basically the same chip that Intel keep overclock it to higher speed, 3070 isn't 2080ti that has been clocked to a higherspeed (or have reduced VRAM) but a slightly defect 3080 that can run at the speed of 2080ti, not at all a refresh just the leftover chip that can't make it to the flagship product.
  4. really? I wouldn't hesitate to grab 3070 but each to their own I guess
  5. I think you mean the other way around...
  6. by price to performance, 3060ti is a much better option by far, not only it's faster but it's also has a cheaper cost per frame - that is the case, however, if you managed to get it at MSRP and not the scalper price https://www.gpucheck.com/compare/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-ti-vs-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2060/ I also doubt if you need a power supply upgrade, both of this card can run on the same PSU type and definitely not the ram unless it becoming defetive, if you're going to replace the two better buy the entire new system if you don't already have one though, a
  7. I tried calibrating it for quite a few time already, some picture mode shows less banding but only because they crank gamma up so much that everything looks wash out I am planning to have some professional calibrator try their hands on but the monitor in the shop I tried can archieve this without having to cranking gamma point in anyway
  8. I just find out today that the colour banding is not my monitor issue - brought it to the shop, they plug it in their computer and the issue just goes away do you have any idea what other area I should look into to find the cause of banding? it's not my driver, DDU it and reinstall driver doesn't help, it shouldn't be my GPU since it's a brand new 3080, don't know where to look now
  9. yeah.. I am also against getting something just for the sake of getting something - honestly probably not a terribly bad idea, just can't justify it for myself jow is ae-7 compared ae-5 and mine though? there's actually something that I am looking for in particular, support for BT LDAC, might be more useful as the future is getting more and more wireless
  10. Absolutely true. It was just that I 2020 has been kind to me unlike most people and I actually have some more dough to play than expected. It has been a long time since I get my STX so I wonder if there's a good option worthy of upgrading in these days and age
  11. What does DSP do though? And how could it benefit me? For the record, STX already do an excellent job shielding the noise, never heard interference from using it and also can drive up to 600 ohm headphone (when when I matched the require inpedence of my 660s I basically have to listen at 20 percent volume, otherwise it's far too lound)
  12. From what I heard 6xx is more akin to 650 (they are basicallu the same - same driver, same housing) I don't have 6xx but I tried 650 before, they are nothing alike, world apart actually. 660s actuallu use HD 700 driver and put it in a modified 650 case. If anything they are more similar to 600 in sound profile but with better sound stage and more easy to drive driver (also a bit better detailed)
  13. May be, actually, my cable probably long enough to do that to begin with (Sennheiser and their damn 3 meter cable) What does Fulla offers over my STX though? Heard they are the Shiit (sorry couldn't resist ) but don't know exactly what they do better for my setup - enough to go through the trouble
  14. Heard about it - what does it offers over my STX though?
  15. It's not the matter of look but more about having as few stuffs iny desk as possible. Putting Dac on the desk will mean I have to wire my headphone over the desk as well which less than ideal. But like I mentioned above, I am open to the idea, provided that they offer a significant upgrade than my current set up and don't cost an arm and a leg