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  1. Unless you plan to get a Quardro, many compute users actually drool over 3090 because it's way cheaper for a pro workstation system even just the gaming driver, Nvidia Quardro sales are actually hurt because of this card from what I heard.
  2. to be fair, it can also be caused by genetic which is most likely my case here since I always have it, and it always occur on both ears but thanks
  3. Yeah.. I guess it's also probably that - I did have my health check up a few years ago and my hearing was very good (despite having tinnitus basically none-stop.) Thanks for the advise though, guess I'll check that out, probably have to be the Pro Max as I always have issue wearing in-ear. Sign, I am actually not a fan of Appel product but I guess that's my only option for now.
  4. Hey guy, just like the question said, do you happen to know any pair of ANC headphone that can be limited to just 60 db volumne? My workspace is noisy and I often rely on my ANC and lound music to just block off my office noise, I am doing this for years and now I am starting to feel worry about my hearing condition. I am having a tinnitus, a condition where you keep hearing this ringing sound in your head and as it can be related to hearing losses, I am getting seriously scare lately (to be fair, I have always had it for almost as long as I can remember.) I can't just not use a he
  5. I have a theory that fps only matters when the animation on the screen requires high fps to make it resemble the percieved movement in real life, in some scene where there aren't a lot of rapid movement you can't even see the different between 60 and 144 fps, in some other the differences are definitely there. FPS just stimulate the animation that we percieve in real life with our eyes, for the most part, those can be stimulated perfectly by just a 60 frame per second animation, however, the faster the movement the higher the frames it took to create a live-like animation. So maybe
  6. Well, the perception of solar brightness depends as much on raw luminance glow of the monitor as well as the distance you sit from them. One of a more scientific way to consider this is to look at the specialised medical lamp for people with SAD condition (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which stimulate the effect of natural sun light for people who don't have easy access for it. SAD lamp is often measure in lux which in turn measure in lumen (how further can the said light travel from the said source) per squre metre, by some lux 10 nit is measured at roughly 30 lux - in order for SAD lamp to be
  7. undervolt seem to only help with core temp though, I am trying this out with 65 percent power limit and max fan speed on Asus TUF and memory temp never go lower than 100c the only time I can get it down to 96 is with -300 on underclock on memory speed (but it hurt mining performance signficantly in doing so)
  8. did you use DDU when reinstall driver? also have you tried reinstall the game?
  9. definitely go for a better cable - me and my friend got 3080 last year (at MSRP as well, massive luck back then) and he decided to get a new 4k 120hz TV, he decided to cheap out on HDMI 2.1 cable and it simply doesn't work, big flickering issue, you can probably get it replace under warranty but it probably worth it to get a better one just for convenient sake
  10. no they aren't, nothing short of top of the top of the line of monitor offer 4k 144hz (and they are out of stock every where even before this hardware supply crisis started), TV net you more option but there still aren't a lot compared to 1440p and 1080p panel all the while there tons of 60hz 4k with very similar performance across many brands with no real differentiation point - would be great if they can at least offer a 90hz panel as a stop gap
  11. perhaps but other than gaming, fps do affect the responsiveness of your UI and program animation as well, Windows actually feel far more snappier when you run it on a high refresh rate monitor, far more so than any high end CPU can I guess people just don't care too much about it outside of PC gaming community but still, at resolution like 4k where high refresh rate panel simply aren't widely available, panel binding could give you an edge (especially when there are very different point of differentiation between 4k monitor, TV has their HDR but PC HDR is at most, not suck too badl
  12. but some can which is why I wonder why they don't just label as such while testing their product, they will have to test it anyway if the display can hadle 60hz with no issue or not, just like processor binding like the guy above said
  13. Just kind of curious, many (if not most) 60hz monitor can run 75hz and up anyway, why don't people like LG or Samsung simply test their 60hz product and give the 75hz - 90hz lable on their better sample and sold them at higher price? Seem like a nobrainer for me.
  14. You might be wanting a 4k for a monitor that size though, it's not just about graphic but content consumption and such is better at 4k as well, especially if you are using it in a monitor and not TV distance Even at 1440p, the individual pixels in a 32 inch and up are hugely noticeable, I feel like I am watching ad billboard or something - if you want the largest and cheapest possible display TV is the way to go but if you want something at 32inch and less, monitor is kind of your only option. For the best price to performance, 55 inch TV is the best as manufactuers can physically
  15. from what I heard, VR is far from prime at the moment, they are expensive, uncomfortable, and not have a lot of game support I would personally go for a monitor upgrade if I were you, there are many affordable but offer a significant advantage over your setting. If you have your new monitor and still feel like wanting to spend more then get go VR just after that.