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  1. Thanks, that's informative, I sub for only 600 Mbts and already have a near 700 so I am happy. Well, judging by the response from everyone, guess my only option is to just mothball my 6e cable. Too bad, I hope I could make some use out of that.
  2. To be fair, I actually have another good reason. My mom is using an ISP router on the ground floor of our home, if I buy myself a new router I could give her my current one so that she could have a better Wifi on her space. I just hope I could at least get something for myself out of this as well.
  3. I have a rather old but pretty good router that give me over 700 Mbp over my CAT 6e ethernet cable. I recently bought a CAT 7 for use with my Chromecast but I no longer need it, would it worths spending some money on a new router that can support CAT 7 just to use this cable with my PC? I already have more speed than the plan I've paid for, would there be any benefit at all with a new router?
  4. There are only two 32 inch gaming monitor (high refresh) at the moment, Gigabyte Aorus FI32U and Asus RoG PG32UQ (well, also kinda UQX but at 3 grands that option is as good as not exist for most people) Gigabyte is cheaper and faster but you are trading some colour performance and peak brightness (espeacially peak HDR brightness) for it, and their motion performance isn't great (7 ms response time at best, that borderline VA performance) Asus is more espensive and somehow managed even worse response time than Gigabyte but made up for it with better coverage of wide gam
  5. You will be surprised if you run game like Cyberpunk...48 fps is a very real possibility but yeah, for e-sport title and most AAA titles you should be fine
  6. I was trying to connect my monitor audio output port to the line in on my Xonar STX. When I did and switch my audio channel to my monitor speaker, I recieved no input at all. Is there anything I can do to make it works?
  7. Not neccessarily, vesa HDR just jump from HDR400 to 600 so a lot had been put in the same bracket of HDR400. If its HDR peak brigtness is bare 400 it can look potentially worse than SDR but if it's 599 with local dimming it's going to look decent. The thing about HDR is that, it will replace a lighting technique such as putting the "aura of light" around bright object to make it looks illuminating or reducing the colour tone to make it bright, with just making the object shine very brightly in its natural colour which make it looks natural and realistic. If your monitor is incapab
  8. Aside from the lack of HDMI 2.1 and relatively low HDR brightness of 600 nit I don't think there's any major weakness so to speak of. If you want a bit more contrast, ROG STRIX XG27UQ has above average IPS contrast (1200:1) but come at the cost of higher price tag and even lower HDR peak brightness (550 nit, not that much off actually) The Acer model actually come with HDMI 2.1 and USB-C while offering similar performance (but much, much lower HDR peak brightness) Not really, the have the standard IPS contrast of 1000:1, the very poor Nano IPS tends to be limit to ju
  9. Umn.. you don't have to wait you know, 4k 144hz is already the reality. There are at least 4 affordable 27 inch 4k 144hz monitor you can buy right now (LG 27GL950, ROG STRIX XG27UQ, Acer Nitro XV282K, and the just released Eve Spectrum) Acer and Gigabyte also announced that they are going to release a 4k 144hz 32inch this year so they should come out in a few months I guess. My thought is the opposite to most people here, 4k is the future and it will only become more widespread as time past. And that's for a simple reason that we already have GPU capable of driving 4k 1
  10. In the footstep of Linus Sebastian, you, my friend, need the Wall lol
  11. I was considering that as well but G502 don't have any where near the battery life of my G903 (while Razor is more comparable) I can think of a few wireless option that can match G915 but not from Razor. Asus Claymore looks really good to me but their mouse don't fit my need just as well
  12. I was thinking of getting Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless to replace my G903 in case it hit the bucket, it's literally the only mouse that fit all of my spec (having just as good battery, many bottoms and fast scroll wheel but come in right handed oriented shape), so I've been thinking about giving Razor a shot. Problem is, I don't like having a mouse and keyboard from two different brands that operate on two different software system, and I can't think of any Razor keyboard that can replace my G915, any suggestion? My requirement: - Full Size ONLY - Have at least 5 macr
  13. It isn't raw for sure but there's no noticable different between loose and compressed display streaming data - at least no reviewers up to this point can find any of them, and certainly not me. It does chroma subsampling 4:4:4 or full RGB at 4k 144hz 10 bit without any issue. Which is the reason I find it wierd that it can't do the same job as HDMI 2.1 in this case
  14. Hmn? not sure we are at the same page here. DP 1.4 can defintiely do 4k 144hz with full 10 big RGB (I am using one) - unless what you meant by raw is a full uncompressed data. But anyway, in case of the latter, what make this case different? they can't compress 12 bit data as opposed to 10 bit? With compression DP 1.4 can already allow more data to be pass through than HDMI 2.1 why can't they do the same with the amount of data here?
  15. but doesn't it still offer more bandwith than HDMI 2.1, give that the HDMI can only do 4k 120hz vs DP 1.4 with DSC that can do full 4k 144?