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single hdmi port but want to set up dual monitor extended workstation

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Like most of the people, i have a laptop which has only 1 single hdmi, now i have issues setting up workstation with dual monitors .

I purchased a product like this -> hdmi_splitter

what this does is , it makes both the monitors work like mirror, but its really hard to setup as extended display of dual monitors,


i want to know how to address this issues.


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As written in the sellers page, it cannot extend into 2 separate monitors only mirrors.

Regular HDMI splitters is to multiply 1 signal to many.

There are some "splitters" that have capabilities to extend into multiple monitors but the way it works is windows see it as one big monitor and then the thing splice the signal to multiple output.

DisplayPort to 2-Port HDMI Graphics Splitter Adapter


There is another easy way to extend the monitor without using splitters.

That is to use USB Display Adapter.

It is a low powered gpu that runs as USB adapter.

Don't expect to play games with this though.

Only for extending the desktop.


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