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How to control my fan speeds

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I’m trying to figure out how to control my cases fans and cpu fan. My Vega 64 is running around 70-75 degrees on racing and when watching replays is 80-85.

is my computer throttling for in game? 
I have aCorsair 570x

gigabyte z390 aorus elite

noctua d15

i5 9600k



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Not sure on Gigabyte, but on MSI there is a menu in BIOS to control hardware/fan speeds.

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If you want to control your CPU or case fan speed you do that in your motherboard bios. If you want to control your GPU fan speed you want to download MSI afterburner. I would recommend doing an undervolt on the vega 64 if your worried about temperature. 

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Controlling fan speeds means that you use software to make them spin slower. By default fans will follow preset curves where they spin slower when there's no need for cooling at at full speed after some threshold (usually 60C). So controlling fan speeds won't improve your temps, they will improve noise levels, and thats why fans are controlled overall.

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