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GTX 1650 Crashes every Game in 5 minutes

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey there!

Here's my configuration:

Hp Pavilion Notebook 15 - bc5xxx


Processor: Intel i7 9th Gen

GPU: GTX 1650


Since the day I've received my laptop every game I play has been crashing within 5 minutes. 

GTA 5 gave me a blue screen and NFS Payback gave me an error saying there isn't any graphic card. 

Here's what I've tried:

1. Factory Resetting the system using HP's own software that I got out of the box. 

2. Updating all drivers

3. Uninstalling and downloading drivers again. 

4. HP also replaced my motherboard with a new GPU and a new CPU and the problem still persists. 

HP's customer care seems to be useless so far. Please help! 


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1 hour ago, randomuser18 said:

No they haven't. I'll try that as well. 

Try that and reinstall the OS

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You are definitely looking at a hardware fault and should make full claim of your warranty.
If the device is new 3-6< months, you could also try to ask for a brand new device or your money back.

HP really loves to change motherboards, unfortunately they mostly exchange broken parts with broken parts and don't test afterwards.
So it's rather likely that they replaced your motherboard with a equally defective one.

Though it's equally likely, just as 5x5 said, that the charger is just broke or they shipped the wrong one for your device.

@Nord or quote me if you want me to reply back. I don't necessarily check back or subscribe to every topic.


Amdahls law > multicore CPU.

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