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Not Eligible For Stars

Sharing internet between buildings (500m apart)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello again, I need inputs and help to plan this.

We have a recently built a storage unit on our property that we want internet in.

Its located too far away for copper cables to be an option, so I guess fibre is the only option.



(Left side = house. Right side = storage unit)



* 500m length 

* 1-2 access points for "lite use" (google-ing manuals etc.)

* 3-6 cameras for surveillance - stream have to be returned (to house), as the NVR wont be located in the storage unit.

* 10GbE capable fibre cable (future proofing), the current hardware wont need to support this speed tho.

* Possibility to continue the run to the houses around (right side) if desired.


The use of the internet in this building is questionable, as apparently its gonna be used for... nothing? Non the less, I'm asked to make it happen.

Gonna slap some cameras on the walls around/inside, as it houses values like farm equipment, cars and tools.

The building will get a smal rack, fibre patch, ethernet patch and a 8-port PoE switch. That is alteas how far I have planed.


I've done some research: a media converter, 110mm-ish tubing (to shield the fibre), OM5 multimode fibre (capped at 400m?)

Should i blow the fibre instead? Does single-mode fibre equal unlimited bandwidth, and solves any capacity problem?


What is the correct way to do this, as a solution offered to a professional client?

What is the cheap way to do it, the DIY option?


The price range of this project is kinda' wide open, as its no cheap way to pull this off without digging. When the trench is dugg up, we will also slap down a beefy power cable as the building also lacks electricity.


~~ Links ~~


LLT forum tread: short range high speed point to point


Random media converter that popped up on google-search



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3 minutes ago, Not Eligible For Stars said:

OM5 multimode fibre

Id go single mode, should be cheaper, and then you can get >1TB/s on this cable.


3 minutes ago, Not Eligible For Stars said:

What is the cheap way to do it, the DIY option?

Go buy some fiber on fs.com like this guy to the length you want. 


Id get this https://www.fs.com/products/29607.html


and thats outdoor rated, and have a few fibers in it so you can lose one or two and its still a working connection.


If you want cheap, just get a lc to lc patch cable, its like 20 bucks for a basic os2 cable



8 minutes ago, Not Eligible For Stars said:

a media converter,

Id just get a switch with sfp ports, they pretty cheap and one less thing to worry about.


9 minutes ago, Not Eligible For Stars said:

as its no cheap way to pull this off without digging.

Cheap point to point wifi should work aswell. 


Here is one from mikrotik, https://mikrotik.com/product/lhg_2


Pretty cheap, and easy to setup if you have line of sight.



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point to point wireless bridge is probably the best way to go imo

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If you are set on a fiber connection - MM will get the job done, but SM will give you more speed options over a longer range. The problem I have noticed with SM though is that the SFP Modules tend to be more expensive at least in Cisco and HP Switches. If you go with a Copper to Fiber converter, SM ones from black box aren't horribly priced though they introduce another point of failure into your network. A managed switch with Muli-use network ports would be ideal on each end, and corresponding SFP SM modules. More expensive but you get more options. 

If you plan on pushing the cable through the ground in a conduit or whatever, pre-terminated cables will require a bit more care so as to not damage the end. Wrapping the end before feeding it into the conduit would be necessary. Other wise you could hire someone to terminate for you if you aren't sure how... A skill I wish I had. 

Frankly for what you are describing a P2P Wireless Bridge (assuming you have relative line of sight) would give you the best bang for your buck. You can get decent speeds from UBNT Wireless Bridges over greater distances for about $125 US per side. Easy to mount, easy to configure, and generally pain free.  

Sounds like a fun project. Enjoy!

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