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  1. Ubiquiti Nanobeams are great for this type of application. 500+ Meter range, good speed. Easy to setup, and once in place generally maintenance free. I use Nanobeam devices on a number of outbuildings connecting back to a larger sector style antenna. No issues. Though if the distance is less than say 100M you could also just mount an outdoor grade Access Point on your exterior of your house and likely reach your garage with a much simpler installation. My Wireless AP reaches my garage no problem, and I have mine in my basement, not ideal I know but it hits the garage with full signal.
  2. While you can install Exchange on the Same server as an Active Directory Domain Controller, for basic testing and learning it will be fine, but aside from that its not recommended. Frankly on my home server I run Vmware and have multiple guest servers running on my host. I have a Active Directory Domain Controller, a File Server, and plenty of space for test servers such as Exchange, SQL, Web and Application servers. Having a virtualization host is a whole other rabbit hole. When you create a domain controller for your active directory domain, you will also install DNS and a few other Di
  3. Also you need Active Directory. Exchange will not work without it.
  4. You also need to make sure that SMTP traffic has access to the outside, and also that port 25 is listening on the same ip as your MX record is pointing to. I would assume that you are using some form of firewall/router. You may need to do some port forwarding. SMTP port 25 is needed. If you plan to use OWA you will also need to open port 443 as well. But that will require an SSL Certificate. So many little gotchas for things. If you buy a domain chances are the domain registrar has DNS already in place. You can change your MX record there. I have my email going to Microsoft 365 with litt
  5. To add hard drives to a VM you need to open either the vSphere client or go to the vSphere webpage for your server. Once logged right click on the VM you want to add disk to. Select Edit Settings. In ESXi 5.5 there will be an add button you can then add a hard disk through this menu. On 6.5 the Web Interface is a bit different but similar, in that you have to edit the settings of the VM, and add a disk. Once you add a disk to the VM, login to the VM and open Computer Management and go to the Disk Manager. Scan for new disks and viola new disk will appear. I know with servers that disk ne
  6. Someone above mentioned Ubiquiti AirMax however Ubiquiti has smaller wireless bridges that you can implement fairly inexpensively. I have put in dozens of these https://www.ui.com/airmax/nanobeam-ac-gen2/ across numerous locations and distances. You put one of these on your house, and the other on the shop point them at each other and you are golden. They are PoE devices and super easy to install. We use AirMax devices for bridging over long distances over 1km. While they will work, they are overkill. The nanobeams are small and easy to install and are designed for distances under
  7. Maybe the network card is failing? Seems to be the only point that you have tried to replace with another wireless card.
  8. I would assume that he is not moving the router/modem around to test between Wifi on his phone and wired on his desktop. You've eliminated the cable as the problem. I would also assume you've rebooted the device and your computer. This leads me to two thoughts. There is a problem with the modem, from images of the device I see it has two switch ports on the device you've tried both? Do you have access to another computer or laptop to directly plug in to test the connection? That would eliminate the desktop if the problem persists. Secondly if the problem doesn't follow to a different com
  9. Without knowing what you are seeing... You won't get much help. Please be more descriptive. I configure these types of switches all the time, so I can likely help get you to a basic config, however without knowing what state the switch is in I can't begin to assist.
  10. https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX67909?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtLT1BRD9ARIsAMH3BtXBb94nGtCq1bllaENa__9zeN1XpPBc3UPgU7yvnxJv9xxMzpPGvisaAqm9EALw_wcB keep in mind this is Canadian site. Not sure what availability is where you are. Also the Nano Station is only 2.4Ghz. so not the fastest but will give good range.
  11. Its an Access Point, plug it into your network, configure the security and it will broadcast sweet sweet wifi for your phone, laptop, xbox, whatever you want to connect to it.
  12. Was going to suggest the same thing. Windows Firewall... Why I prefer a Hardware Firewall. On a side note Share Permissions and Folder permissions are two very separate things. Typically for a LAN setting unless you want to restrict access to a shared folder, share permissions you set Everyone to Full Control. And use NTFS permissions to grant or deny access. More control that way, but for home file sharing likely overkill.
  13. What kind of distances are we talking here? AirMax devices are more for connecting two buildings together so not quite what you are looking for. You would be better served with a Ubiquiti NanoStation which you can get for about the same price. Easy to configure and generally provides about 200 - 300Ft of solid connectivity on both the 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies. And is outdoor weather sealed.
  14. Some things I would check. 1) Networking isn't likely your problem however can you ping each computer in the network? 2) Share Permissions - When creating a windows Share make sure that on the share permissions everyone has full control. This seems contrary to security but it is what it is. 3) Windows Firewall could also be blocking access if the one computer isn't in the same "Zone" as the other. Try turning the Windows Firewall off and see if that makes a difference. 4) Make File and Print Sharing is on. Though that seems like a most unlikely part of the problem.
  15. Exchange Setup will not allow you to get to that point of the install is at without those pre-reqs in place. Having installed Exchange numerous times its quite demanding about the pre-reqs.