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Really gotta contact your local stores it's pretty common to get bigger discounts when you buy all your gear from the 1 seller. Tell them your budget and if they want your business, which they should, then thy'll look after you with upgrades etc. Once you get an offer go online and see what you are really saving compared to buying individually online. Then you can ask other shops and compare. It's totally possible in your budget to get a great deal.

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11 hours ago, Wannabelinus101 said:

Do they need to be same brand?

I highly recommend getting 2 of the same model, yes. The reason is because of differences in colors, screen height, bezel sizes, etc. between two different models. While you may be able to calibrate similar pictures between the two different monitors, it's usually never the same.


Here's a great build you can do with your budget, monitors included! This is assuming it's for gaming:



EDIT: See my updated build below.

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