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Setup a Brave wallet (so we can send in donations)

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

If you guys (LTT) install brave, then you guys can apply for the brave rewards program ( doesn't take too much effort). It's really easy to donate to you guys this way, cuz it's right from the browser. 

I don't have a bank account and as much as I like LTT I can't do anything to support my favourite creators, it would be really nice if I could donate via Brave (it's a pretty decent browser also). 

Here are a bunch of links going more into detail (cuz I feel I've been quite incoherent):

<links removed>

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Honesty you guys should, you could even do a video on it to show others how to if they have youtube channels


Bc same as him i cant donate actually usd but i do have like $20 in BAT i would be willing to give to you guys

(Take anything I say with a grain of salt)

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Knowing Linus' stand on crypto... don't hold your breath.

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-= Locked =-


I believe this has been suggested and turned down once before.

I don't remember when or what post though.

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