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  1. Ok. I guess I'll turn 2fa off. Btw, what do you use?
  2. Getting the QR and saving it onto my PC should be a piece of cake... Are you sure it will work, if the host app has has been uninstalled?
  3. G'day peeps. So my phone is gotten very slow and I'm gonna factory reset it. I'm not quite sure how to move the Google Authenticator codes back on to my phone once I'm done. I saw you could export it, but all it gives me is a QR code (which I think is to be used to transfer it to another device). So I'm not quite sure how this is gonna work. Any help will be appreciated
  4. Your welcome, I hope you like them. Have fun
  5. the u12 a is newer and has a significantly thicker heatsink. U12 a also comes equipped with NF-A12x25 fans which generally cost a 30 bucks a pop. Which cpu do you have?
  6. Hi. What are ways to determine if a PSU is bad without risking expensive components. I've heard you can use multi-meters but I don't know how to test one. My friend's system won't even boot anymore. His graphics card got fried and now even his fans won't turn on (no gpu installed on a b450 and r2600 system), I just want to know if the psu is bad. Thx P.S: If you think it's too long for you to explain, link an article, thx
  7. Which card is that, I haven't heard of that one before. Also if you want an AMD cpu that supports ddr3, you'll have to go with bulldozer which perfoms pretty terribly according to everyone (cannot say anything myself since I don't have a clue about bulldozer)
  8. There's 2 main types of connectors: MMCX and 2 pin (there's 2 version of the 2 pin connector but most of them are the same). 2 pin connectors have cheaper cables (apparently, cuz both cables on aliexpress can be found for ~10 bucks) but the mmcx connector is easier to connect. Both can fail, the pins may break in the 2 pin connector and the mmcx connector can get loose over time. Personally I have a 2 pin iem and I would say just get any IEM you like, both connections will work fine for you and since 99.9% of IEMs come with these 2 connectors you should be fine
  9. In ears are also referred to IEMs or In Ear Monitors. They are the same thing. Hope this helps
  10. Yes, that's a legit issue. I'm also looking for one but since the pandemic, no one is shipping to my country. I'll probably get one next year
  11. Yep, the cable will not change the sound characteristics of the IEMs. Pure snake oil :)
  12. look on aliexpress lots of great IEMs with free shipping. Here's a list of great IEMs: https://audiobudget.com/leaderboard/iem
  13. If you are looking for In Ears, I'd suggest the tin t2 (not the tin t2 plus or tin t2 pro). Metal build, removable cable (MMCX connnector), costs about 40 bucks on aliexpress and 50 on amazon. Detailed and neutral (I personally love this combo)
  14. Oops, sorry. question wasn't for me. lol
  15. I bought a used z24i for 50 bucks in December , great monitor for me and the price was amazing. Before that I had a s****y 720 Samsung tv. I'm glad I found this monitor
  16. If you think that would be using Blender anytime soon, jump and get the rtx 2060 KO because that card perform 27% (on avg) better than the stock 2060. Add optifine to it and boom, you have an amazing card for blender. That is if you plan to use blender... lol
  17. I would strongly recommend the Scythe Fuma 2 (unless you intend to upgrade to a 9900k or 3950x anytime in the future, or their equivalent). It's a great cooler for 60 bucks
  18. What do you do? Only games or more stuff like editing and blender
  19. The lenovo in my opinion. 95% DCI-P3 vs 77%, it is brigher but the contrast ratio is a little worse 860:1 instead of 1000:1. Response times are faster also. It has usb ports too which is cool. But the tuf has other features such as hdr (but since the max brightness is 350 nits so it's not gonna a great experience), and elmb. Now it's up to you which features do you want.
  20. That's a bummer. I had the same issue with my old laptop once. Only help I can give is: try realtek hd audio drivers. If those don't work then I'm sorry, I don't know of anything else. This is the worst problem ever man, I feel ya
  21. I'd strongly recommend against that since it's closed off and the "intelligent" part of the case is useless for most people since cam is so buggy
  22. Hi! Great system at it's core. Here's 2 recommendations: skip the strix version and go for the gigabyte version of the 2070 super. Its costs 80 bucks less. Use the money you saved on an air cooler (nh d15 or dark rock pro 4 or the assasin 3, avoid the corsair a500 at all costs). And skip the conductonaut unless you wanna overclock since it's not gonna make a massive difference when applied on top of the ihs. Also since you are editing and gaming, I'd recommend getting an external harddrive (like this one https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Desktop-External-Hard-Drive/dp/B07CQJBSQL/ref=sr_