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    United States (Midwest)
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    Computer Repair Shop


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    i5 9600k
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    z390-e ROG
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    Team Group 16gb Delta RGB
  • GPU
    Asus Strix Rtx 2060
  • Case
    Enermax ECA3520
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    Samsung 950 Evo (500gb)+WD blue 1tb+2tb HDD)
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    Seasonic Px-750 plat
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    Dell 32 inch (model idk)
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    Master Liquid ML120L RGB
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    Corsair Straife mk 2
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    Generic Dva mouse
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    Some set of logitech speakers
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    Win 10 Pro
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    Dell G3

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  1. Forget my first responce, i found a really good deal on a XR through my carrier
  2. Thats kinda what i meant for "usefull" for newbies, i used in when i first got into computers
  3. I just looked it up and apple quoted me $50 usd so thats not horrible, but idk if i wanna spend $50 on a phone that is already 4-5 years old. Edit; 3-5 years old i dont exactly remember
  4. It might be gpu, you could tear apart the gpu and look for like blown caps or something simular, look and mobo for blown caps too
  5. I know parts of it might be a bit off forsay but overall is a basic list jsut for refrence
  6. the motherboard might be dead or gpu, you said the psu died and if the system was on when it died the psu could have thrown a lot of wild voltages around, if you can barrow a spare gpu from some one to test that would be my advice., Or maybe cpu might be gone you I dont really know and its hard to tell without being there. TLDR if you have spare cpu, mobo or gpu try them one by one in the rig Good luck!
  7. Yeah i know thats an option but my phone is already slightly bent and with my luck taking it apart ill end up breaking my screen. Also i dont know how hard it would be to get an actual apple battery and not a cheap nock off that would die in a couple of months
  8. So i have an iPhone 6 its like 3-4 years old. No big deal right? Well my battery is going, it randomly shuts off ect. Anyone have suggestions on what i should do to try to keep it going as long as i can till i can get a new phone any help is appreciated
  9. http://www.logicalincrements.com/articles/graphicscardcomparison This is kinda useful and i figured i should share
  10. i mean how much would you be spending? bc at lease in the states you can get rx580s for $100...
  11. im upgrading (hopefully) from an i3 7350k to i5 7600k that i might get from a freind
  12. depends on the game, but yes it will most of the time