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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
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    ASRock B350 Pro 4
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    T-Force Delta RGB (2x8gb) 16gb 3000mhz DDR4
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1050TI
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    NZXT H500i
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    Crucial MX200 1TB, WD Blue 1TB
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    Corsair TX650M
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    Dell S2721DGF 1440p 165hz, AOC G2460V 1920x1080 75hz
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Corsair STRAFE RGB
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    Glorious Model D
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    Sennheiser HD 598, Cooler Master MH751
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    Windows 10
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    XPS 15 9570

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  1. Try verifying the game files (through steam) and turning down the graphics settings. May also be worth trying a different graphics driver version.
  2. TF2 is not a demanding game so I wouldn't expect it to use 100% GPU so that behavior is normal. Is the performance in game fine?
  3. @mactipiakThanks for the screenshots, I would say it looks like a gpu/driver issue as it seems to only occur in cyberpunk which appears to pull less power (ruling out a PSU issue). Are there any known issue/fixes for 6800XT's in cyberpunk? Maybe try underclocking the gpu a little (-100mhz core/mem), the fact that the screen goes black points towards a graphics driver crash. PS it's winter over here in AU, 27 °C would be great weather.
  4. Any SSD as a boot drive is massively faster than a HDD and will dramatically improve boot times and system responsiveness. As for program launch speed it is largely application dependent with some benefitting more than others. Essentially HDD's still work well for large file and program storage (low $ per gb), with SSD's being far superior for read/write limited workloads. As such it is essential to have an SSD as a boot drive (where you will see the biggest gains) with other uses cases seeing more limited benefits. On my main PC I have games installed on both an SSD and a HDD and I would be h
  5. No question is a silly question, you need to download the media creation tool from Microsoft to create a windows installer usb. Then you boot from the usb and follow the prompts to install windows. This guide goes over the process in more detail. You don't need to get a new windows license just make sure you install the same version of windows that your pc comes with (pro, home etc.) and it will automatically reactivate. Games don't really benefit from faster storage aside from loading times, which is why there is no real benefit to storing them on a nvme ssd vs a sata ssd. Especially
  6. I would only download the dell software which is useful to me as 256gb is not really much space. Have you looked at prices of SSD's as 500gb and 1tb sata SSD's are relatively cheap.
  7. The majority of memory kits advertise the XMP profile speed and are technically considered an overclock, only thing the list means is that those speeds have been validated by the manufacturer. You can definitely put in a 3600mhz kit, just note that it is an overclock and there is no guarantee that it will work flawlessly. if you want to be certain that a particular memory kit will run at its rated frequency look on the manufacturers website for a memory support list but note that they are typically not updated and can be quite limited.
  8. it doesn't sound like OCP is kicking in, as that would usually cut power straight away. Try running stress tests on both the gpu and cpu simultaneously (e.g. prime 95 & furmark) to see if it occurs outside of cyberpunk.
  9. 100% option A, high refresh rate 4k gaming is still a bit tough for current gpu's IMO. Upgrading ram and cpu will really help to achieve higher frame rates and at 1440p you should still be able to keep the eye candy turned on.
  10. Bottleneck calculator, just no. Single thread performance is king for gaming as titles slowly begin to use more than four threads. Keep in mind cpu bottlenecks only really happen in high fps scenarios so in most cases it isn't noticable.
  11. Gpu load fluctuations are normal under some loads, try using a gpu benchmark like unigine superposition or 3dmark timespy to see how your system compares against equivalent hardware.
  12. No a 10600k is still perfectly capable even more so with an overclock.
  13. Dell has a windows reinstallation tool, but I would suggest creating your own up to date windows installer and doing a clean install. Then you can grab all the drivers and programs you want from the dell support page for your pc, this way you can avoid the bloatware dell includes for a faster cleaner windows install.
  14. The EDC values in ryzen master are nothing to be worried about, many motherboards don't properly report VRM current capacity to ryzen master so it uses default values, as long as you haven't messed with power/safety limits in the bios your cpu will remain within safe limits. Changing windows power plans allows the cpu to enter lower c-states (clock down) saving power hence why you are seeing the differences between the power plans. I would suggest checking cpu & gpu thermals/clocks underload and clearing the cmos. It may also be worth using DDU and reinstalling graphics drivers.
  15. Update: So it seems changing the memory did not fix the issue. Updated chipset drivers and SSD firmware (96% remaining life) and had system hangs on both kits of memory. So I guess it motherboard or cpu related (please be motherboard). Strange thing is when the system hangs the windows freeze but can still be minimised, and all programs don't close (window will close but icon still in taskbar) requiring a forced restart.