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please remove the new store thing on the sidebar...

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I actually agree with @firelighter487 on this one, I don't like how - at least to me - useless links take up a considerable amount of space on my screen. I usually mostly keep an eye on the latest topics to see if anybody needs help with anything and the new block forces me to scroll further down to see them all.


I understand where @colonel_mortis is comming from and I'm sure the block provides some use for a lot of people, I'm just not one of them. Could you make the right side of the forum re-arrangable? So that I can still see most of the new topics easily and just have the LTT-related block at the bottom of my screen?


And yes, I'm aware I could fix this client-side, but as far as I'm concerned, it's still a valid point to be brought up for consideration, since at the end of the day it's a UX 'issue' for everybody

75% of what I say is sarcastic


So is the rest probably

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