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Totally remove windows from a pc hdd/ssd

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Is there any way to totally remove windows from your pc hdd/ssd? I'm planning to upgrade my storage and buy a new one and just put the old ones on an enclosure. 

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It depends... The easy way is to backup your files(documents, images... anything you wanna save) in a external drive or cloud, and format your drive. This will remove all the date in the drive.


Get the new ones, install the OS on the new drives, put the old in the enclousure, grab all your files from it, then use the format option in "Computer" to clear it.

Planning on trying StarCitizen (Highly recommended)? STAR-NR5P-CJFR is my referal link 

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Formatting does the trick. Or nuking whole drive. For just reinstalling Windows, its enough to format it within installer, later in Windows or by using 3rd party tools (both software and bootable).

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