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    sounds kinky..I'll take your entire stock!

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  1. you want something like this.. https://www.amazon.com/MG-Chemicals-Isopropyl-Alcohol-Electronics/dp/B004SPJP5O higher the content the better
  2. that's just the hamsters powering the computer. i suggest 3 in 1 oil but seriously, unplug fans one by one to find the whine then replace the faulty fan
  3. Please help kind Sir's all i have is this: I'm only able to run Crysis at 12fps!
  4. 2 years tier 2 support specialist at a casino in oklahoma. basically this:
  5. Superman N64- instead of chosing any old game i think it should be games of that era standard worst, otherwise...Pong has worst.
  6. if it a 2016 and up tv does it have TV plus app? its basically free tv network. see if that's blocked
  7. its all about that pixel density
  8. Treat them with honour, my Brothers. Not because they will bring us victory this day, but because their fate will one day be ours." -on the Death Company
  9. pull the cmos battery out of the motherboard and flip it over then insert. now take battery out and reinsert as it once was. this is quickly drain the cmos memory resetting everything in the motherboard to defaults.
  10. try open air cases Thermaltake Core P3
  11. The first implementation of a "real-time" ray-tracer was the LINKS-1 Computer Graphics System built in 1982 at Osaka University's School of Engineering, by professors Ohmura Kouichi, Shirakawa Isao and Kawata Toru with 50 students. so in short yes. only accelerate
  12. im not one to product plug but the fix is going to be harder than the work around. use that software its free for 30days full unlock EaseUS MobiMover