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    My AWD is just procastination now.
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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asrock X470 SLI PRO
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    32 GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz
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    AMD Radeon RX 6800
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    NZXT H440 Blue
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    Corsair TX750M
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    Win 10

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  1. You swapped a 120W card for a 175W one - theres 55W more thermal energy in the case - with a definitelly not above-average CPU cooler and fans. Theres more heat in the case, fans work harder in order to fix it. Yes, you should probably get a better CPU cooler and maybe better case fans.
  2. Yeah, I've hand-me-down a number of hardware pieces myself I agree with the comment above. It depends on your use case. If you NEED to upgrade, go for ryzen. Else, stick for a generation or two more with what you have.
  3. What are you using currently? All other conditions being the same, AMD all the way.
  4. Find out what's your preferred switch type (Cherry Reds are generally the go-to) - but it might vary. I personally enjoy Blacks. I'm currently running a Corsair K68 - I've also used an asus with cherry blacks for at least 4 years before this one. I can recommend the K68 - pretty good quality and above average software (I don't personally care, you can also use it - average price, so its definitelly a good one.
  5. take into account that US price is before taxes. UK pricing includes VAT.
  6. Heat OUT is good. Could you please let us know what your temperatures look after a bit of load? Granted that that case's air intake is crap, so you might just need better front fans - i'd recommend a couple of 140mm fans, specifically Static Pressure ones so it has a chance to suck in some air...
  7. You should try to build a basic system with an Ryzen 9 5900X... If you can find one XD This will provide you with top notch performance both in Single and multi-threaded uses. If you're gonna be using the PC as a server, you will also want at least 32GB of RAM and a high efficiency PSU. You won't be needing a powerful GPU, any old one will be fine, as you only need to output display (the AMD CPU does not have a integrated GPU). You should also consider investing into a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) so the server doesn't crash in case of an outage, as that can corrupt servers...
  8. Not in any way that should worry you. The thing that would suffer the most would be your PSU, as it would be working 24/7, but those are already made to last for hundreds of thousands of hours, so if your PSU is decent it should be OK. Your drives could also see higher use if it's saving the gamestate every 5-10 minutes and while loading some background shit, but the amount of data read/written shouldn't be absurd.
  9. Hey, the new drive probably has no format, you will need to give it a format to use it:
  10. Just got feedback from my mate. He recommends you the Gigabyte monitor, it's very good por productivity and really fits your needs. There, have a review. He did warn me that some units have very bad backlight bleeding issues, he personally didn't experience it too terribly but he knows of some co-workers who have asked for replacements due to it.
  11. Hum I was expecting a high end GPU with those crashes, it could very well be your PSU (EVGA isn't a bad brand but you never know...). The SuperNOVAs are pretty decent. Can't personally talk for the others im afraid. Check here for further details.
  12. I believe i meant those Thanks for the correction
  13. I didn't get it myself, my friend did, let me ask him for feedback. In regards to the other 27" 1440p monitors, this is one of the cheapest options: https://www.coolmod.com/viewsonic-va2719-2k-smhd-27-2k-monitor-precio (Don't know where you're from in EU so.. Ill just leavy my local store). In any case you can just search around amazon/other stores for the specs you want.
  14. You shouldn't brick it if you follow the steps correctly, and they'll have no way of knowing if you bricked it flashing the bios - you just contact them and ask for an RMA going "fan started doing this weird thing, I used DDU to uninstall my drivers and then reinstalled them from scratch and while installing, the screen went black and never turned on again."
  15. You need to pay the premium for the first monitor I mentioned for that. In any case, generally, all monitors have multiple inputs, you would change between one and the other by switching inputs on the monitor just like you would on a TV (Think between cable and a console).