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Not really sure why you would want to limit your FPS, to the refresh rate but you can just enable V-sync and it should do that automatically. 

My Rig

i5-8600K | Prime Z370 A | GTX 1060 | H212 EVO | 2X 8GB 2400mhz | 960 EVO 250GB | TR 150 480GB | P400 TG | TX550M (2017) |


HP Pavillon X360 14"  (i study abroad)

i5-8250u (repasted) | 16GB 2400mhz | Crucial MX500 250GB

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1 minute ago, AYDANN6ix9ine said:

Because I have a 75hz monitor

ingame limiters or the suggestions above. id personally just let it push as many frames as possible

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