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  1. So I recently picked up an awesome deal on a PC that I plan to flip. It came with a 2600K, Cooler Master Hyper N520, SABERTOOTH P67, 16GB DDR3 1866, Corsair TX750, and GTX 970 all for $165. Today, after installing a cheap SSD and HDD, I was looking to see how far I could OC it to increase performance, which I thought would have a good result considering the beefy SABERTOOTH motherboard. I tried to do the normal steps, which was setting a CPU ratio and adding voltage, but I noticed none of my overclocks would ever go through. All I could change was the Turbo Boost clock speed, but the CPU staye
  2. I guess you're right. I will research further for remedies.
  3. I know that part, but cutting off a GPU power limit by that much seems abnormal and downright shady. I guess Dell can't be trusted. But I still want to raise the power limit, at least by a bit to improve performance.
  4. So recently I purchased a used AMD RX 470 4GB Dell OEM card. I installed it in my system to test it, but things were really strange. GPU-Z and AMD Radeon Software identified this card as an RX 570, but all the numbers (release date, clock speeds, memory bandwidth, etc.) point this to being a reference RX 470 card, which is fine and all considering that's what I was paying for. But then digging further, I found in GPU-Z that this card is hard capped at 85W power draw, which is way off from the 120W reference design. This leads me to believe that it's possible this card was used for mining or th
  5. So to keep it short, I took an old 2011 HP Pavilion PC and upgraded its power supply and graphics card (GTX 950). I tested the graphics card in my personal system and things worked fine. But when I booted the whole new PC up, it would go the startup screen and just stay there with no response. I tried many things, like clearing CMOS, rearranging memory, but nothing worked until I removed the GPU. When I removed it, I used integrated graphics and everything was working normally. I thought the GPU was the issue then but I recalled that it was working fine in my own personal rig. There was also a
  6. So I have an old 2012 HP desktop with a 300W ATX PSU. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't have PCI-E connectors but there are two spare SATA connectors. I recently bought a cheap OEM GTX 950 2GB that I want to upgrade the PC with so I can flip it for profit. It's TDP is only 90W but it requires a 6-Pin PCI-E Connector. Would a two SATA connector to 6-pin be safe to use? Assuming 75W comes from the Motherboard, would pushing 15W through two SATAs be unsafe?
  7. So my Pixel 4 XL has a 90hz display and I have been using Force 90hz ever since I first booted up the device a couple of weeks ago. I didn't try the Smooth Display that dynamically switches between 60hz and 90hz because of the various issues I heard about it. When exactly does it dial down the refresh rate and has the software for it actually improved since release? Does battery really improve with it?
  8. Based on what other people say, I'll probably get a range for 30-90%. Thanks for the insight though.
  9. As stated in other posts, the phone I have is a (AT&T) Google Pixel 4 XL, which obviously is notorious for its underwhelming battery life (especially with the standard model). At 1440p 90hz with max brightness, I was able to watch YouTube for five hours before phone died. Is this a pretty normal screen on time, and how does it stack up against competition? My next inquiry is pertaining to battery deterioration. Now I plan to keep phones for 30 months, as that is the length of my $10/mo contract on AT&T. How much battery would I likely lose over that period? Also taking into account I p
  10. (Just sharing my thoughts) So for me, I didn't have a smartphone until 2 months ago (I'm in 8th grade so kind of late to the party, I guess), when I picked up a Google Pixel 3a for $249. That was a good phone but I realized that maybe it would be good to get a more powerful phone for better long-term usability, so I did. I got added to my family AT&T plan and got a $600 discount on a Pixel 4 XL as a result. Now although this phone is terrible for $900, it is great for $300. All the features it includes and the Pure Google Experience I expect will do me well for 3 years.
  11. So as many know, iPhones generally slow down due to Apple intentionally doing this with updates. I wanted to know if anyone with an older Google Pixel phone has experienced lag or slow-down over about 2 years. I have Pixel 3a I want to keep until 2022. I know battery will naturally slow down but what about multitasking, camera, gaming, display, etc.?
  12. I think since I have two more weeks I will wait a bit to see if the crashing continues. But I think the battery is normal. Thanks.
  13. So a little over two weeks ago, I got my first smartphone, the Google Pixel 3a off a great Amazon deal. I love the experience but I wanted to see if the personal issues I have with this phone are actually an issue or just normal. Are these typical for this phone? 1) Battery Life. I feel the battery life is a little underwhelming but maybe it is normal. I keep my phone at about 90% brightness and on normal tasks like social media, texting, and web browsing, the battery drops 1% almost every 4 minutes. 2) Crashing. Every now and then, my phone will just freeze up on Chrom
  14. So I recently received my first smartphone yesterday, which was a Google Pixel 3a I bought on a special deal on Amazon for $249. Honestly, I am loving the experience so far. Great and easy OS, snappiness, stunning photos, OLED Display, etc. But one thing that is bothering me is when I woke up this morning, I found my phone to be at 72% when I went to sleep with it at 97%. What is causing its battery to be drained so hard overnight? I don't have always-on display or anything like that so I am not sure why. Honestly if it were to keep up like this, I would return it but I really don't want to co