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    dont have one
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    yeah my steam is "piratebay.com"
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    dont have one
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    hah funny
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    im a youtube keyboard warrior sorry
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    what the hell is that

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    Cars And Computers.
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    Big, fairly tall, has a face that closely resembles a fresh pineapple without its hairs.
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    Breathing at home


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    Id love an r5 2600
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    id love an b450 ds3h
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    Hmmm 16Gb could be nice
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    id love a vega 56
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    Anything thats made out of cardboard
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    No ssds
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    Sharkoon lol
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    5.6 Inch IPS Display lol
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    2 Open windows and alot of wind
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    Gigabyte K83
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    Razer Abynuss whatever its called
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    Windows Vista

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  1. So since im a cheap boi and cant afford stuff,i bought a broken stratos for much cheaper. The problem with it is that it keeps booting up and restarding, and the touch doesnt work. So me beeing me i bought it, and thought hey if i install a stock rom on it from scratch all the bugs should go away, so i went i bought it and i saw it had aloooot of bugs, the clock didnt work, the touch didnt work and it kept restarting. So what i did was i flashed the stock OS but the problems didnt go away :pepesad: Now i need your help!
  2. Oh, so theres no way to fix it, unless i plug in the 3.5mm?
  3. Hi! i have the sony WH 1000XM2, and when i connect them i have 2 connected devices, the hands free version of the headphones or the stereo version. Ok when i join a call and play for example csgo the audio from csgo and discord HAVE to be coming out of the "Hands free" version of the headphones. and the hands free version is mono and crappy quality. So how do i make csgo and discord go trough the stereo version ? i tried switching devices on csgo and discord but it doesnt work
  4. Can anyone help me setup nVidia moonlight locally? So i have my own gaming pc and i want to set it up so i can use it as like a gaming machine on my other laptop, but all locally. Kind of like renting out a cloud gaming pc but here im not renting any pc, just using mine, and its all over my local network so my internet speed cant mess up any latency issues. Yep. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey man the g903 is like 130$, almost double what my budget is. Might be a great mouse but too much for me
  6. What gaming mouse is ambidextrous and wireless, and somewhat affordable? Hand size: 20x10, Leftie ( buttons on the right side would be a bonus ) Style: I sometimes play palm, sometimes claw and sometimes fingertip. I play the most using the fingertip style. I would call something under 70$ affordable
  7. I flashed it again, and again and again. But it doesnt work. Flashed my Backup bios, i tried flashing a TUF 5700 bios but no luck.
  8. Got any idea why the GPU bios would be corrupted all of a sudden? After flashing it worked fine, but a day after and its corrupted? Do you think its just bad luck or is my bios backup bad?
  9. The pc works with another gpu and this one, its how i flashed it back.