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  1. Been replaying the original release of Final Fantasy 7 while considering how interested I am in the 3 part re-re-re-re-release, and...



    ... Forgot all about speed square when I decided to replay my original PSX version.  Now reliving a 20yr old nightmares trying to get 5k points.


  2. The correct way to read the OP and article includes playing Ennio Morricone - L'estasi dell'Oro (The ecstasy of gold -The good, the bad & the ugly) in the background; preferably while on horseback trotting into the sunset.
  3. So...You're telling me that Dizzknee doesn't own SterWerz despite buying it and we can get the creator Jerge Luckputz to fix it? .... OT: I think it would be interesting to find out if adobe has even been accepting Venezuelan currency for the last year at all; hell the last 4 or so years I wouldn't have even entertained it. If not, and those people paid in another currency, how can they not refund them the delta through similar means in which they paid in (assuming they had to circumvent their gov to pay and collect in the 1st place)?
  4. Damn, why do we get these people? Can we not trade in out Montrealers, Torontonians, and Vancouverites for a Florida man or 2? We got rid of the beeves; surely we can do this people!
  5. So I finally tripped over some of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake coverage. Actually looks good, but so did FF13 which I didn't care for beyond the battle system. At least with FF7 I've confidence in the story being good(unlike ff13), however I can easily see the presentation getting foobared. Either pacing, sprite charm or any number of 'moments' getting lost in translation for the remake. What I am most interested in at this point is the music though. Am curious if its member-berries or straight up objective, but I gotta say a lot of the original tracks sound better than what I've heard from the remakes coverage I've seen. Not that they're bad by any means, just that I like the OG a bit more. There's a lot they get right and it does seem like they're making a bunch of variations trying to 'nail it' ... yet it often feels like the energy/climax drops out just a moment too early in the remade tune, that there is too much going on audio wise when you don't want/need it, and that it doesn't hit high and/or low enough on key notes; all missing by slivers feeling like chasms. Leaving me feeling ike wife whos man gets off a bit too early bringing her close but doesn't finish the job. Like its a crime to hold a note for more than the briefest of moments suddenly. Will be interesting to see what the eleven-teen yr olds of this generation who jump into the remake 1st then hear the OG take away from it as I am sure I've more than a few biases at play here.
  6. Leave scathing reviews everywhere detailing and proving their incompetence to spare others(pics work wonders here). It will hit their pocketbook so you can at least settle for cold, slow, long suffered and ultimately far more costly revenge. They'll have a harder time swindling grandparents and kijiji ninjas(Moms) of the world thanks to your reviews. Albeit not as satisfying as Lt.Worfs approach.
  7. Had the song since 99/2k, not sure where I picked it up (alternative addiction, napster, mIRC or a dozen other places). Never could find out where to buy it, till now; 'googling' for it back then was fruitless. Apparently was released on "Edgefest 99" of all damn things. I was actually shocked/pissed, until I saw the other tracks on the compilation and realized I own the original discs for 90% of the contributing artists in it(edgefest'99) and was like... "Oh; I might have opted not to buy it back then anyways" ... so... yea. [/end story of near Tolkien'esk lvl epicness]
  8. I usually drink water, but when I want something different I go for Chocolate milk. On the odd occasion I'll grab a juice and mix it 50/50 with water (OJ and apple juice is always too much of a kick for me to enjoy without the sour shakes) Just know that anyone that gives an adult a "look" for trotting around happily sipping a carton of chocolate milk, they're really just jealous and pretending not to be in a valley girl sort of way.
  9. MoonSpot

    DBZ or Kai

    I can only tell you that the obscene amount of filler that is DBZ, is why I stopped buying/watching all things dragon ball in the 90s; started to hate all things dragon ball; and strongly recommend to anyone not waste their time and money on any of it. Sailor Moon and Card captor are better and far less insulting. However trigun, escaflowne, 12 kingdoms(12K Translation Projects sub is by far the most engrossing version IMO, english dubs voice actors are shameless hacks) and the original Berserk(don't know about the remake) are actually worth peoples time. If you want a long winded series, watch inuyasha and spare yourself dragonball altogether.
  10. But the 1701-D had 3 main computers working in tandem continually backing each-other up, all the while being able to function independently(so like the saucer section can operate when cut loose)...Alternatively there appears to have been only 1 computer when the plot needed it. So we don't know how to meet your design requirements; Ya want 1 pewder or three? At least you don't want the computer from STD(discovery); That thing runs on pixie dust, dashed hopes, and the souls of stillborns from what we can tell. Regards, intel design teams PR & Marketing sub-leads intern; the 3rd.