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    Pervy Skyrim Guy
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    SW Ontario (aka Detroit v2.0)
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    A lot of interests, but primary focus now is escaping from Ontario.
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    Student Redux


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    Lenovo Y520
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    Radeon RX560
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    128GB NvME / 3x500GB Sata SSD
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    15" Not so IPS Display
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    Logitech Performance MX (POS)
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    A.Lansing Dolby Theater w/ Sub-Woofer

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  1. MoonSpot

    GOG (Good Old Games) is struggling financially

    Having a separate machine can be both easier (not having to fork around with issues), and a lot of times happens just as a matter of course. If you've been into PC gaming and haven't been selling all the old gear, you'd easily find yourself with old PCs that aren't worth selling and work great for old tittles. I've a number of them holding up shelves.
  2. MoonSpot

    GOG (Good Old Games) is struggling financially

    I could see this being true. Rarely have I seen newer titles reach the price points other clients have dropped to during their respective sales. Also newer AAA & AA titles are few and far between on GOG, so even checking in with the client doesn't happen unless I'm playing The Witcher. Had a couple times I've staked out multiple clients for a particular title to snipe either the best deal or minimize the hit for picking it up on GOG for potential DRM-free goodness Would personally like to see GOG pull through in the client wars though. Be the Taco-Bell we need you to be GOG!
  3. MoonSpot

    Gaming on a Older PC

    What is the model number? Is there even a PCIe slot available on the motherboard? I would not replace the CPU, as it would be just a waste of money.
  4. Yen is Japanese. RMB or yuan is what you probably meant.
  5. Get ready for a lot of pro 'weird things' messages attempting to social engineer and recruit useful idiots in everything /r/.
  6. MoonSpot

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    You missed some of what the analogy was illustrating; and just like forgetting a pinch of salt when cooking, even though its a very small thing, ruins the dish completely.
  7. MoonSpot

    Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again

    Allow me to illustrate. We need more boys in My Little Pony! We need new characters to convert Pinky-Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash to characters like 'War horse', 'Cavalier', 'Artax' and 'The Horse Mask' and have them fighting and dismembering each other & baddies to attract a better demographic than silly little crybaby girls. MLP can't rely on just the little girl market and needs to be more welcoming to others, their interests, values and goals. If you don't agree, or understand why this plan is brilliant you're an overly emotionally unhinged pussy and need to man up. Now continue to buy MLP...Or else.
  8. MoonSpot

    What song are you listening to right now.

    A must on today of all days.
  9. MoonSpot

    Nvidia cuts revenue projections by $500m

    Still not enough. You have seen the prices, right? For that much you're looking anywhere from half a dozen BJs to the full Wienstein treatment in the flesh.
  10. Imagine going to a job interview with that kind of neon sign screaming over everything you say and try to do. Get down and stay down.
  11. MoonSpot

    Chrome may soon break Ad-Blockers

    You should see solitaire on win10 home. Can't use it without an active internet connection. Can't use it without getting hit by several ads(both video and image ads), or having to buy it from windows store cause apparently it doesn't come with the OS anymore. Personally I am going to rip the exe from an older version of windows and use that in the near future, and might start looking at how to go about removing that whole Xbox games mode thing entirely.
  12. MoonSpot

    Chrome may soon break Ad-Blockers

    .... It does seem to work better.