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    PCs, fast cars, your mom.
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    Intel i5 3570K
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    Asus P8Z77-V
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB
  • GPU
    Intel HD4000
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    750GB Samsung + 180GB Intel 330
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    LCPower 550W crap
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    AOC I2360P
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    Antech Kuler 620
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    Some white Logitech
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    Microsoft Wireless
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    Onboard realtek
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    Windows 7 64bit

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  1. Don't forget, that you cannot combine current capability of all rails, as there are combine limits as well.
  2. Nope, Sandisk had mass produced QLC flash for higher capacity microsd cards since 2009. So economy of scale was there. TLC and QLC was not viable for SSDs back then because controller technology was not there yet.
  3. QLC is nothing new. Sandisk had QLC based microsd cards 12 years ago. It' really quite simple. QLC flash, because it is by design worse than TLC, needs more spare blocks on die and stronger ECC to combat more errors. Couple that with more complex flash controllers and firmware, it's obvious why ssds based around it are not cheaper.
  4. Did you try disabling truetone? Mine was also damn awful with truetone enabled (way way too warm for my taste). Disabled that and it's fine.
  5. Just to update this topic; It turns out, CPU was not seated properly to the socket. After trying _everything_ and removing cpu a couple of times, it magically started working.
  6. Even if you partition the card at 16GB or thereabouts, there's no guarantee that controller won't just "write" data to the remaining 240GB of empty space. Throw it in the trash and make a dispute on ebay or where ever did you buy it.
  7. Motherboard is listing the CPU as supported (chinese do a wierd hack with 6/7 series to work with 2011 based cpus).
  8. No manual to speak of, googling post codes for different bios manufactures does not yield anything.
  9. Yes, this psu runs a different system perfectly.
  10. Thats one option, but dealing with chinese vendors and shipping the board back to china is something i'd want to avoid if necessery.
  11. It's a Corsair 850W unit. All the components were tested in a different known good system, so they should not be an issue.
  12. No, you don't. This is a single cpu motherboard
  13. Single cpu. Yes, obviously, i have GPU as well.
  14. The board in question is Jingsha X79-P3, cpu used is Xeon E5-2650V2
  15. So i'm building a system around this board and it doesn't want to post. The board is new. I've tried resetting the bios, disconnecting everything but the essentials. Used only a single stick of ram, even tried running the board without cpu, but everytime i get "FF" post code. Board does power up and fans spin, but thats it. Am i missing something or is the board dead on arrival? Is it possible perhaps maybe a faulty bios chip?