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    Computers, games, streaming, bewbs.
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    I enjoy gaming, streaming, anything computers, and bewbs.
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    YouTube/Curse partner, Live streamer.


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    Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2GHz
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    B450 Tomahawk Max
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    32GB DDR4 @ 3600Mhz
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    EVGA XC 2060 6GB
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    Meshify C
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    1TB NVME SSD, 250GB 2.5'' SSD, 1TB HDD
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    Seasonic 520w
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    1 Sceptre 1080p 144hz 27'' curved IPS, 1 1080p 60hz 22''
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    4 Case fans, 1 Noctua NH-D15
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G602 Hero SE
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    Astro A10
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    Win 10 pro 64
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    Samsung A20

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  1. Yea easily, I just saw this on a quick amazon search and wondered if you could backwards compatible older chips on newer boards.
  2. will this https://www.amazon.com/TUF-B365M-PLUS-Wi-Fi-LGA1151-Motherboard/dp/B07WSGQF3G/ref=sr_1_10?crid=2TBBL2P6MP91S&dchild=1&keywords=z170+motherboard&qid=1613431753&sprefix=z170%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-10 support an older chip? Like a i7 6700 non K? Looking for a cheaper upgrade for my sisters PC because her mobo is finally going out, faulty usb ports n shiz.
  3. Temps in check with fan curve but we plugged her xbox controller back in and the PC rebooted itself, then it got some weird green artifacting on the monitor. Thinking either the controller is at fault, or the USB port itself is shorted.
  4. Yea she just hit 80 with the side panel so this might have been an overheat issue. Gonna give her an agressive fan curve.
  5. Yea will do, temps are mildly puzzling. Its low 70s right now with minecraft + shaders, which is the most demanding thing she does. Now 70 isnt a roaring inferno but its climbing steady and thats with the side panel off.
  6. So I plugged the GPU back in and now its working fine, checking temps and what not now, what would cause this? Seating issue maybe?
  7. So my sisters computer stopped booting, took a look inside and there was a blinking white light on the GPU which is a strix 570. The PC wouldnt do anything at all, no fans, just that LED. So I unplugged the 8 pin plug and then tried again and the LED turned orange/red (colorblind), so I figured something was up with it. I removed the GPU and tried booting without (iGPU) and the first time there was a blinking yellow/orange light top left of the motherboard by the ports. Tried again and it booted with no lights. So needless to say I think its the GPU but what could it be? I looked online and sa
  8. So my router is upstairs and I'm trying to get ethernet downstairs to 2 pcs and instead of running two long wires I was going to run one long wire with a splitter. But when I looked online all the Splitters say they don't work that way so do I need a switch or what?
  9. Thanks everyone. I know my current setup cant do over 144, im obviously upgrading whenever the heck stock stabilizies, but ill stick to 144 or maybe 165 as the one person suggested, especially after somebody said 1200??? No way im paying that for a barely noticeable difference. And no I do not play comp, the most competitive thing I do is like casual cod or destiny 2.
  10. I figured thatd probably be better. Get a nice 1440p 144hz instead. I imagine 240hz is like 800 bucks anyway.
  11. I dont know the exact model but I have a 1080p 144hz by sceptre that was only 150 and it works really good for the money. Its gsync ability is not great however and I get some flickering on the edges of the screen, but during gaming its not noticeable.
  12. I know its probably a subjective and opinionated topic, but im curious if you guys think monitors over 144 are worth it and why? I know that going from 60 to 144 was amazing and now that im used to it, its night and day for me, when I reinstalled windows and my monitor reset back to 60 I wanted to vomit. But is the jump from say 144 to 240 worth it? Is it noticeable? As noticeable as the 60 to 144 jump? I know there is diminishing returns on refresh rate. Im in the market for a new monitor and im debating if I stick with gold ole 144 or push it.
  13. im an idiot that quoted myself instead of editing, ignore
  14. I want to join the 1440p family, I first started at 1080p as most of you probably did, unless you're rich, then moved up to 1080 144 and my god the increase from 60 to over 90 is sooooo good. Now I think its time to join the 1440p family and see what its all about. Before we do though, I did have a question. ATM my rtx 2060 probably won't handle most games at 1440p, so if I have a 1440 monitor and play games at 1080, will it look funny? I have no idea how scaling works or anything like that. I've always played at 1080 on a 1080, so what happens if I play 1080 on a 1440?
  15. Any update? Once you uninstalled the old drivers with DDU, restarted your PC, then installed the new ones, you should be good to try again.