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  1. I got this last night.... Wonder why they were trying to "Find MY Phone".
  2. Results weren't a shocker for me either. Once all the game's resources gets loaded into RAM, the system shouldn't be touching the drive much. (Also, during the Micro Center outtro, I couldn't help but notice some breathing & mouse clicking, or am I going bat-shit insane?)
  3. While I'm not saying that *this* is the problem, the two IPs you blocks may have been valid, legit programs; Windows and various other programs do phone home for a multitude of reasons. You should start by unplugging your network equipment for about 5 minutes (a little lengthy, sure). If the problem persists, run a virus scan on your computer & network (and I don't mean using Windows Defender to do that). If that doesn't pick up or resolve the problem, then definitely get into the network's control panel and change the password. As soon as you do that, grab your parent's dev
  4. The game caps itself at 60FPS for a reason that I forgot; you can remove this limit though. But you'll do just fine. I'm on a 5960x & GTX 980, with over 280 active mods for the game I never dip below 40FPS, even in downtown Boston.
  5. Epic Games sued for not warning parents that "Fortnite" is allegedly as addictive as cocaine. Are video games as addictive as drugs? One parental unit in Montreal claims so, and says they have a study to back it up. Source 1: https://myfox8.com/2019/10/07/addictive-as-cocaine-parents-sue-fortnite-creators/ Source 2: https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2019/10/07/fortnite-producer-epic-games-lawsuit-says-addictive-as-cocaine/3900236002/ I really want to hear from Linus on this one, as a parent figure. If they're claiming it boosts Dop
  6. As I sit here, typing this post; I've just cracked open my Lo-Carb Monster. I drink one daily, but have been known to drink the Loca Mocha flavored version often
  7. I'm guessing no one cares for a good Mukbang? Regardless, I don't mind it or even notice it; partially because I'm eating my dinner when the Sponsor Spots air. I'm waiting for YT to start encoding the sounds into subtitles [Linus makes jerky crunching sound] [James slurps pasta loudly]
  8. The file it's referencing is from nvidia. Use DDU to completely remove and then reinstall your GPU's drivers. Don't install GF Experience if you don't need it. Edit: Also, run Memtest86+ and ensure your RAM kit is on the QVL for your motherboard.
  9. Great vid. Glad "Buttercup" mentioned Tails and TOR, and since this is a -BASIC- Guide, I'd love to see a more "My name is Zero Cool and this is my story" video in the future. Just wish more of a plug for PIA was in there. PIA is one of the ONLY VPNS that have a proven track record (in court) to not have any logs whatsoever. Even for being based in a 5-eyes company, that's saying a lot.
  10. I think this video should be moved to "Channel Super Fun" - as this video looked fun to do; almost as amazing as the Dildo Racing or Wine Rack video. I'm no photographer and have no ground to stand on when it comes to pictures, but wow; I want an in-depth tutorial on how to get my pictures to look like that from a little smartphone. PS: Colton does have the best pores. (Wonder what those 2 ladies walking were thinking when you were filming this)
  11. One word - EPIC. Jokes were pretty savage IMO, Yvonne had me cracking up. However, I was waiting for someone to lay into Steve for his "chipmunk-pockets" or his attire for the night, everyone looked so clean (except him), even Luke's beard was ok. The crew did a really good job at setting it up and coordinating the whole thing; James should have had a chair or stood near the podium instead of running across the stage like a freak without a leash. I'd like to see a battle now... ERB style...
  12. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/linus-tech-tips/linus2
  13. What are you even? Just use PIA. I hear a great YouTuber gives a discount code.
  14. Just had this idea pop into existence: Take the long-expired joke and build a computer capable of running Crysis at "playable" frame rates. - Limited budget - 2008-2011 hardware erra limitation (I guessed at the year range) - Parts trading allowed, buying pre-built pre-assembled systems not allowed - Loser(s) must shave head bald (skin-tight). Cheater(s) must shave head and eyebrows