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  1. Amazing editing and narration, lots of various footage in a world where most content creators just switch between shots of their faces and shots of the object they're reviewing...All in all, you feel like a lot of love and work was put into making the video. And yet, he's still so far behind the big boys like Linus and MKBHD. It makes me sad. This guy deserves way more subscribers.
  2. I only play competitive games. Mordhau, WoW (in 3v3 arena) and StarCraft II, mostly. I think I'll notice the difference most in the former.
  3. And from cheap VA to IPS? That'll be my next upgrade. I've seen a lot of praise of these kind of displays, and I'd like to know if it's really as great as people make it to be, as I've never experience anything above 60hz 1080p.
  4. Sure, but this is merely a sub-forum of the LTT forums. That only includes people who know LTT/are into tech. I was thinking of a forum with a much broader scale, a scale similar to that of reddit and the likes. I'm well aware, and don't worry: I don't intend on discussing such topics here. Not all political/religious debates are bound to end in a bloodshed. Even if they do, I still don't mind having them. You seem rather smart, don't you enjoy debating just for the sake of it, for the fun of having to come up with logical arguments and dismantling the point of the perso
  5. When I was 9, I joined some terrible browser game where you had to raise a dinosaur. I grew bored of the game rather quickly, but I actually stayed on the forums for more than ten years (the game wasn't profitable and the website was eventually shut down, sadly). I stayed there for so long because of that sense of community you just mentioned. We knew each other here. Most of us were grown up adults, chatting on a childish dinosaur game's forums. I miss that.
  6. But the great thing above the above is that you can discuss anything, whereas forums such as these tend to be centered around one specific topic (tech, in this case). In my native language, we actually have a forum with a very active community and where any topic can be discussed. I've not found that on the English-speaking Internet. Is there one that I'm not aware of? A hugely popular platform using the forum format where people can discuss any subject of their choosing, including religion & politics?
  7. Pick the OnePlus and don't tell them it's Chinese!
  8. They're tested for such things. Even Zack is okay with them. I'm not concerned. They won't fail for years, I'm pretty sure there will be countless other reasons to switch phone (outdated hardware, dead battery, dropped one time too many, outdated Android...) long before the pop-up camera starts to wear out.
  9. We already have that in most phones. If you pick the few that have curved screens, it's on you. Your pick. There are plenty of options available with flat screens. Because there haven't been any issue with pop-up cameras yet. No big drama, nobody complaining about them. It's great for privacy, it allows you to have a full screen experience. It's great.
  10. I've actually tried this app, even bought the premium version. But I dropped it after a few days, because it's still too clunky. When you want to unlock your phone, it has to first "disable" the notification screen, and then you can unlock.
  11. Yep, same. The OnePlus 7 Pro was my favourite phone of last year, and the 8 felt like a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Picked up the Poco F2 Pro instead.
  12. And by that I mean: just rocking a good ol' top bezel. For a variety of reasons. I personally don't care about face ID, but for those who do, the top bezel allows for a more secure experience. But going with the top bezel also leaves room for more important features: better speakers, and our beloved notification LED. I miss the last one in particular in my current bezeless phone. A top bezel doesn't get in the way of your screen like a punch hole or a notch does. Too bad Pixel devices have the worst battery life of any Android though.
  13. Ratchet & Clank. Then, Age of Empires II. Then, 10 years of World of Warcraft until Legion ruined class design.
  14. Maybe we'd read more, socialize more, take better care of our health, achieve more overall. Then again, I'd rather be R1 Gladiator in World of Warcraft than boring astronaut.