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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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  1. I tried it on the school's 125. I was able to do it, but it was a bit rough, probably because it was a 125 (don't blame myself, but rather the bike, smart, eh?), idk (upshifting only too). I feel like it's perfectly fine if you do it, if done properly.
  2. Bitch ass Leslie is on his way to Poortugal. Dis gon b fun

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      be safe fam, load up on water-bottles , power up those battery banks, ply up the windows & get some bread/ramen & lighter & bunch of candles for back up.

  3. Yeah, but in neutral, below 3 grand, it sounds pretty bad IMO. Too much fart-ness going on for my taste.
  4. Although, the RS3 in low RPMs sounds like an elongated fart. Not a fan of that... But when it starts revving up, oh boy. And lol guess what Holy shit (diesel block with gasoline head, that's a new one for me)
  5. image.png.d0e5db5d4205acdc23c36ed1be7c1549.png



    1. Frankie


      If I say anything I'm reacting to your reactions Xzibit intensifies.

    2. JoaoPRSousa
  6. Just binge watched the first two seasons of Tokyo Ghoul

    Holy shit

    1. WhisperingKnickers


      I would like to watch that but I had a really hard time with all of the initial crying. They guy cries like nonstop through the first season.

  7. Congrats dude! I have been looking at some GS500's as well, but I doubt I'll be getting one anyway. One can hope Sorry to know you fucked the bike a bit by "dropping" it. I slid when doing slow maneuvers with the 125 I took my license with (school's bike) and broke the clutch lever. Not fun. Replacement was a mere 6€ or wtv, but still, I felt like shit.
  8. The Exige 430 looks so damn good. And that V6 with the supercharger almost sounds like a Ferrari V12 Plus 1100kg vs all the fatties.
  9. As said, it's either an M4 or a 435i. And neither of those are a family car, at least in my view, and not for 3/4 adults, IMO. However, if you're talking about a 435i Gran Coupe (sedan, stupid BMW with the Gran Coupe bullshit fucked the whole naming thing even more ffs). And in case it is a 435i GC, I'd rather get a 3 series. And if you really want something for 3/4 adults, then the Cayman is an absolute nono.
  10. Need to test this on our cars... That's a clean looking Civic. gj Holy shit, the crackles.
  11. Damn. That is quite a list. You certainly had you fair share of ZX7R's The RC8 tho Good luck on getting a SD 1290. Those things are insane. I've just gotten my A2 license, so I'm not much of a rider (yet) but I am trying to get myself an A2 compliant bike so I can have some fun on two wheels (my father would sometimes take me on some small trips on his '88 GSX1100F so I've always been a fan of bikes) Ultimate goal for an A2 bike would be a limited MT-07 but those are a bit out of budget... That cross plane twin tho, sounds brutal