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  1. I know it has more torque, but as you said, it just doesn't feel happy in that range. I wouldn't delete VANOS. But if I get an E34 with an early M50B20 (no VANOS) it would be easier to swap any non VANOS engines, the only one being the M50B25 (considering the budget and no M20s, I'd like to keep my 24V thank you very much) but as I said, I do like that engine. Swapping to an M52B28 would probably be a bit harder, although still easy I reckon. V6 I reckon? Damn nice car IMO
  2. Probably because the S54 offers less torque down low due to it being so high strung. Having that said, if I ever get to swap a BMW engine this soon, I'd probably go with an M52B28. It's just a good balance. Decent power up top for fucking around and the eventual track day and decent torque down low to get around town and such. I'm not saying S50 because that will only happen in a few years otherwise, I'd certainly go with an S50. I do like the M50B25 too, but the B28 is superior in almost every way due to the extra displacement. An M50 stroker would be damn good too, because you can go with no VANOS, but then again, you can delete it on the newer engines and VANOS helps a lot for low end torque, which I would like. Decisions, decisions... I might also be a bit biased because of the ease of the swap in some cases But 1st, I need to get myself a bimmer, and I got my eyes on E34 520i's (525s are too expensive ). A M52B28 would fit so well on one of those hehe (so would the S50, oh boi). 30mpg is damn good ngl
  3. Seriously ASUS? It was set to the first one... And somehow I still didn't have sound on my speakers. Changed to the second option, switched the audio output and it's fixed...
  4. Yeah, I noticed that too. I reinstalled the new drivers, still the same. What software? It isn't. I really just updated my audio drivers, and then, this happened...
  5. I only have these two devices on the list (other than the AMD ones), the speakers is the front panel jack and the digital output is not the line out (no sound from speakers, and that is the SPDIF port IIRC)
  6. Hey guys I've updated my motherboard's audio drivers (ASUS B350-F if that helps) and now I got no audio output on the rear I/O but the front panel audio output still works perfectly. Does anyone know how to fix this? Should I go about uninstalling all the audio drivers I might have and then install the fresh one? Thanks in advance!
  7. Didn't even notice the masking on the carbon. Damn, they thought that out well.
  8. Why did they mask parts of the taillights? (probably explained in the video, but I'm watching that later)
  9. All I know is that Follow Me Home is something that, as you said, keeps the lights on for a bit so you can see your door when you get out of the car.
  10. Very unfair ending for Albon... And such a shame what the Ferrari's did.