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  1. Same thing with the Hyundai Kona, here in Portugal it is called the Kauai. Kona, like fitta in Swedish, is a (slang) word for pussy in Portuguese
  2. I just didn't want to go that far, but I'll take it And what's that have to do with you???
  3. Ah, so good to finally see someone talk truthfully about Tesla cars. All you really need to think about is: Tesla is a "new" company to the car world and they are trying to make their cars (electric cars at that) available to everyone, it's obvious that they're going to make compromises. And they've been shown left, right and center. Ever since I saw the Model S' interior for the first times I was like "this is so bland, so plain" and that's not necessarily a bad thing but does show the lack of effort in that regard (compromise). They're simple cars, they're goal is to
  4. I didn't mention all of that because I don't have the knowledge to back it up but yeah, this right here.
  5. Or maybe, just maybe, it might be because the USA is a completely different market than the rest of the world. And you lucky sods got the E60 M5 with a manual and no one else did. But BMW is on a different level of brain injury anyway. Also, importing to the USA is probably an expense Lotus didn't want, at a time, since they were (and still are to a point) a small company. GM could have brought the VX220 overseas but for some reason they didn't? Idk, mixing those cars with the big hunky SUVs y'all get would be interesting. Where tf did the Civic come from in the context? I'm confused
  6. I don't think so buddy Or just imagine using your own car for whatever you want to, just imagine
  7. Now I'm seriously doubting if these posts are April's Fools material or not
  8. I'm just saying they wouldn't come out of the factory with that high of a redline if it "severely reduces" the lifespan of the engine. Pretty sure that wouldn't pass on a quality check. But hey, I'm no mechanic, so take this with a big pile of salt. /s
  9. Imagine having a redline of 7000RPM in a mass produced engine Oh wait
  10. Imagine paying less than 6$ for a gallon of fuel This post was made by the European gang
  11. It's the one from this video. Not sure if he uses anything else, but yeah, that's what I got
  12. I looked up one of his vids, he uses expensive stuff that's all I can say $995 is a bit much for me
  13. I'm looking for something to clean the carpets and cloth seats / door cards with, I've seen some cheap portable ones on Amazon, but I wonder that would cope with a whole interior, being that it only lasts for like 15mins before needing a refill... And I also don't know if I should buy a steam cleaner or a steamer, apparently they are different things.
  14. Does anyone here have any experience with a steam cleaner / steamer regarding car interior cleaning? Want to get started with that (as well as exterior detailing) but I'm pretty clueless on what to get.
  15. If I read this correctly, no, the only criteria that affects these taxes geographically wise are if the car was in the EU in these last years, if they weren't, importing is even more expensive.