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  1. Why do FX series CPUs overclock so well? And why are some Celeron D’s up on the leaderboards as well according to hwbot?
  2. I want to learn Assembly and C++/C, but I have a feeling this is like swimming in the deepest part of the Pacific without knowing how to swim. Guess I'll just leave it alone for now.
  3. Remember the video titled "Don't Game on this Display"? In that video they said, "Yes we did try overclocking it, but the monitor wouldn't do anything more than 60hz, not even 61hz." It is possible to oc displays that aren't built for it, otherwise they wouldn't try in the first place. Plus, my monitor is capable of OC'ing, it is the HP x24ih. Edit: What I am not sure of is the hardware limitations you spoke of earlier, I know that OC'ing displays not intended to is possible, but can an external display do so in mac OS? I know the internal display is unlikely if not impossible but
  4. My friend has a late 2019 or 2020 i3 MacBook air, and wants to oc an external display, or an internal one, whichever is easier. I am having trouble finding anything from before 2013. Can I get some help with this? His monitor is some 1080p 60hz piece of Amazon e-waste, and his internal mac display is... Well, the internal screen on a 2019 Macbook Air lol. I case you find something on this as well, I have an 2020 M1 Mac Air, and while unlikely to be able to OC, it would be cool if there is stuff on this as well!
  5. "but the number must be low enough that the actions of one firm significantly influence the others." Google is on the same level as Amazon, not Apple, Apple has little influence on Google, while they may have an influence on the market, especially when it comes to "luxury" computers and phones, they cannot directly influence other competitive companies in the market. Monopolistic competition occurs when an industry has many firms offering products that are similar but not identical. HOWEVER, I do admit that this "The economic and legal concern is that an oligopoly can block
  6. Educate yourself. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/monopolisticmarket.asp Try reading your own link. I'm afraid Google and Apple are 2 separate entities. also: Monopolistic competition occurs when an industry has many firms offering products that are similar but not identical. Unlike a monopoly, these firms have little power to set curtail supply or raise prices to increase profits. Interesting, so it doesn't actually matter because they can't actually do anything.
  7. Accidentally posted twice, ignore this as I cannot find the delete button
  8. A prefix that means “one, only, single,” as in monochromatic, having only one color. It is often found in chemical names where it means “containing just one” of the specified atom or group, as in carbon monoxide, which is carbon attached to a single oxygen atom. -Dictionary.com I'm sorry for making sense of a word based off of latin prefixes, my mistake, take me to jail worshipful master who obviously knows everything there is to know.
  9. I don't care how, either demand a refund, or report the seller on the website, but I would want my money back, or my card immediately. 1 year is far too long for something that expensive.
  10. What do they have a monopoly on/in? Linux just recently overtook MacOS in terms of percentage of total users using an operating system. The only thing I can think of is the whole 30% cut of profits in the App store thing. And Google does that too. Mono- means one if you remember latin prefixes from middle school. They have a monopoly on nothing, therefore they cannot act in a "monopolistic" manner. Oh really? Being unnecessarily rude and sarcastic isn't hate? Strange, seems the definition of rude has changed since I last checked. Case in quote. To be fair it do
  11. Yes, that is in fact what he is saying. Is he saying that Apple is the most moral company ever? No. Is he saying that Microsoft bad? No. He is simply stating that Apple has an extremely profitable business model, and that that model is probably better for making money than any "moral" business model stated here. I get that people do not like Apple, but just because he referenced Apple does not mean he deserves the hate he is getting. I get it alright. I do. I had my dads hand-me-down 1500$+ laptop with a 6th gen dual core i5, and intel UHD graphics 620. for 1500$, I could have easi
  12. Another potential solution: While you stress your CPU, check to see if the fans for cooling your CPU are spinning. Also: make sure some of your fans are pulling air out of the case, if they are all blowing inside your case, there isn't much airflow going on.
  13. Also, try Prime95, It will put a large load on your CPU, which will allow you to determine the problem. Potential solution: You forgot to take off the plastic protection layer on the bottom of your cooler, and it is causing overheating.
  14. Think of it as those laptops with upgradeable CPU's, now imagine putting a CPU made 3-4 years after the laptop in the laptop. Is it still a laptop from 3-4 years ago? Yes. Is this 1995 mac still a 1995 mac, just with a buff a$$ processor. This isn't a 2007 PowerMac G4 in a case from 1995, the only thing that was upgraded was the processor (to 2007 levels anyways)(yes, it's from 2007, I watched the vid when it came out, and that is a Sonnet G4 1000mhz upgrade.)