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  1. I can offer you my KVM/qemu start up command if you want. On my Linux VM (in VB), I did a: aptitude install virtualbox-guest-{x11,utils,modules} I have 32MB of video RAM in my VB settings too (1 monitor).
  2. A Scot? Can you tell me the secret to understanding Wattie?
  3. Ok I reread the OP... The only thing I can think of is the VirtualBox guest drivers. I forget when exact ones I installed but they're googlable (out of the house now). I know those helped a good bit when I ran Linux on a Windows host. You could try qxl with KVM/qemu and see if that helps. It could also be storage is slowing you down. I'd look at disk usable to make sure you're not pounding the drive. You can test the individual systems (CPU, storage, graphics) of the guest vs host to see where the difference is too. Sorry about the scattered brain po
  4. I haven't used VirtualBox in Linux, but in Windows you need to enable SVM/VMX to get decent perf. That being said said, any reason you aren't using KVM or Xen?
  5. Looks lame and annoying. Of course, I hate JS with s burning passion so.
  6. Don't worry about it. It's just serial/UART is a common way to get access to a system that doesn't have a graphics card and/or network connection.
  7. Alex is my favorite and James my least. Linus is pretty high up there too, along with Riley. For some reason when James hosts, I get this sudden urge to punch my monitor... I'm sure he's a nice guy IRL but how he presents himself on camera drives me mad.
  8. They've said that they reuse old footage in new videos sometimes. If you want to do that without data loss (degradation in video), you have to keep the original video files. Not sure why they haven't used ZFS + gluster yet, or something of the like.
  9. Look in the logs. /var/log/ and look for xorg ones and see what they say when you try to start X.
  10. My 2 cents. Use your phone for now and do research on camera gear. Some of the super low end DSLR and mirrorless bodies aren't really worth getting. There are also surprising decent point and shoots too. Maybe save up and get a decent (but cheap) body and lenses or even a point and shoot, but you'll need to know what you actually want. Go to a camera store and play with the cameras. Physically hold them and see which brand and or models feel the best and you just ""get" more easily. Then do research based on what you liked the most. Nothing is worse than shel
  11. I'm not sure if Raven Ridge supports ECC RAM (generally need an X series chipset for that anyway iirc). Last I heard it was coming sometime down the road but I have little faith with the AMD BIOSs and MB vendor combo. If you don't care about ECC, then don't worry. Assuming it's just a NAS, a 2200g would work well. 4 C/T isn't that much but for 1Gbe NAS work that's more than enough. If you want a more powerful CPU for your desktop and have a spare GPU laying around, that would work fine too. Really depends on what you want to do. Any Ryzen system will work for a 1Gbe NAS tho
  12. The build system needs a file and can't find it or knows how to build it. Most likely you need to download and place the firmware file where it's looking for it. Edit: that is assuming you've configured things correctly
  13. Yes and no. For new lenses, yes. For higher quality used lenses no. In fact most crop sensors lenses from Nikon and Canon aren't that great and generally the good ones aren't that much more that the FF equivalent. It isn't as simple as saying FF lenses cost more because quality and other factors vary wildly.
  14. You can try setting software that's compute intensive to a high nice value so it doesn't compete for your needs. Leave htop running and see if it's using all the RAM or swap too. True to log into the system via ssh if you can also when it freezes. It might take a minute or two if it under heavy load though.