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  1. people assume you're in the US...350$ CAD for a 980ti is a very good deal...it's also better than RX 480 crossfire...more stable, less heat, less noise, no micro-stuttering, no scalling issues...all games work 100% etc. i paid 800$ for mine about 6 months ago.
  2. my card is 1450mhz max stable core clock and 8200mhz on memory (hynix)..but it run too hot and too loud so i can't really run those settings anymore.
  3. ...and i don't like people with limited knowledge pouring in and distributing advises and opinions left and right without at least doing SOME research before posting...a simple google search can go a long way nowadays if you don't know or if you're unsure...that's just my opinion.
  4. guess the reason i think that is i always use some sort of AA?! cause i remember playing wolfeinstein at 1080p with my GTX 780 i was using like 2200mb and then i upgraded to a 1440p monitor and with the same settings it was pinned at 3072mb and massive stuttering everywhere, i was clearly running out of video memory...
  5. All Sandy Bridge CPUs that support Turbo Boost are partially unlocked. Not only can they turbo up to frequencies that are higher than their default clock, but they can also be overclocked to frequencies even higher than their turbo speeds. By default, all Turbo enabled Sandy Bridge CPUs can be set to run at up to four bins (4 * bclk or 400MHz by default) higher than their standard turbo frequencies http://www.anandtech.com/show/5276/intel-core-i7-3820-review-285-quadcore-sandy-bridge-e
  6. i wouldn't say that...resolution increase VRAM consumption fairly heavily...so does what type of anti-aliasing you are using and mostly texture resolution (texture quality)
  7. As game evolve they use better/higher quality and resolution textures...and will come a point where your will need more vram to avoid stutters (GPU comunicating with system memory to load stuff in and out create stutters) and it does not take more GPU horsepower to drive higher quality textures, only more space to store them in the VRAM...
  8. pretty much...98% of the people on this forum are ''new at this''...and that's a problem. 152 863 teenager ''know it all'' at the same place, giving advise, acting and thinking like they know everything...while in fact they know squadoosh...can't be good.
  9. good god! no that's megabits per second but it's still crazy fast man!!...i didn't know they could go that fast...wow! ...and i tought my internet was pretty fast...lol
  10. LOL...i did the test yesterday afternoon and it was giving me 134mbps down and 32mbps up...but i believe they are trottling me down during the high demand hours cause right now i'm getting 80 down and 20 up... bunch of fagots
  11. 120mbps down and 30mbps up...downloading on steam/origin goes to 16 megabytes/seconds.
  12. 4790K is more than fast enough...4K is a hell of a lot of pixels to push...don't set your expectations too high...4K...were not there quite yet.
  13. Use DDU to completely clean uninstall your drivers.
  14. jay swear by EVGA motherboards...according to him they are the best motherboards for stable overclocks. i don't know how much of it is ''real''/luck...
  15. Worth checking out for driving sims fans... Not my videos, but check this out guys...listen to that engine and let him drive you...it's insane : He's a pretty good driver too... This is a nissan GTR in assetto corsa...sounds also amazing!