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  1. Kaby Lake 2.0 +50% Edition...give me one for 300$ and i might bite
  2. guessing from the numbers they say 11% in single thread performance and +51% in multi-core performance...those chips are 6c/12t so they have +50% extra cores...so it's the same IPC, they probably increased the single-thread boost clock by 10% and they get an extra 1% from various little chipset and latency improvements...so...it performs the same as skylake at the same clock speed...but you get 2 additional cores.
  3. at 1440p you'll be GPU limited especially if you play on high/ultra settings with some anti-aliasing...if you drop the quality settings your framerate will go higher and then maybe you'd see the 7700K pulling ahead a little bit.
  4. look man, what you have to do now is to install RAM to get a working system, and THEN if you have issues with stuff nbot being detected or not working properly at least you'll have a post, you'll be able to acess the BIOS etc. i'm sure it's all fine, and i'm also sure that if i take my ram out of my system, lots of stuff will not work properly.
  5. your motherboard is probably not even powering up properly without RAM installed...you need 3 things to get a boot, a post, or a whatever anything you need CPU, RAM and motherboard...otherwise you do not have a system and nothing will work.
  6. yes of course it will fix everything...
  7. no, you need RAM
  8. well duhh...your system won't do anything without ram installed...wtf.
  9. coming from an overclocked GTX 980ti (300W+) to an overclocked GTX 1080 (around 180W) i can also tell you the difference is not only about cost in electricity, or heating your room quickly (which trust me, it does make a difference there too) but for me personnaly the most noticeable difference is in how easier to keep the GPU cool and quiet...with the 980ti the problem always has been to do with excessive fan noise ( i had a strix which is by now means a bad cooling solution) and keeping the GPU temps in check at all time with little temps variations going from game to game...the 1080 is a lot easier to deal with...and the 980ti had similar figures to the Vega cards, and would not go back to a GPU of that level anytime soon.
  10. 5c https://www.kitguru.net/components/cooling/dominic-moass/cryorig-h7-air-cooler-review/5/
  11. it's not really surprising, here is a picture of AMD vega manufacturing process Here's what the finished product should look like, obviously, some variations are to be expected
  12. That powesupply will not properly run a GTX 980ti...i know because i had a 980ti myself and i was using a XFX XTR 550W Gold (same as seasonic Gseries, very good PSU) and the PSU was working but when under load it would scream it's ass the fans would go to top speed and what not...450W is not enough for card, especially a super cheap unit like the CX
  13. it was said from the beginning that Ryzen is a poop overclocker...i agree...and 4ghz or not, if you're after powerful cores and high single-threaded performance and clockspeed (like 99% of us should) then look eslewhere...it's not by pushing volts and trying to get there that you'll break world records.
  14. it's just binning, the gaming X is likely to overclock a little bit better and maybe run a bit cooler on the same settings...it's not a big deal.
  15. cryorig H7 shits on both of them and cost about the same...looks way better as well.