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    Core i7-4770K @ 4.2GHZ
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    MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1866mhz CL9 Red
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    ASUS GTX 980ti Strix OC @ 1430mhz core 8100mhz GDDR5
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    1TB seagate SSHD + 240gb SSD + 120gb SSD + 64gb SSD
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  1. Get a 480.
  2. please read the thread.
  3. here we go again, alright i'm out!
  4. i know i know...i just don't feel like giving him the reply cause i don't plan to spend the night arguying with a 13 years old drippy nose nerd again
  5. ''brand new game'' sniper elite 4 is built on an age old game engine, the same one they used for the past 3 sniper games...and it's very well optimized...same goes for dishonored 2 and watchdogs 2 both games use the same old game engine the previous ones were using so ''not optimized'' for those ''brand new games'' yeah sure...NO, these games ARE optimized already, because they are built upon 2+ years old tech.
  6. come on
  7. no, as i said, that's BULLSHIT...GTX 1060 destroy the RX 480 in watchdogs 2, dishonored 2, sniper elite 4 and those games all came out very recently...you guys are repeating BS. (not saying the 1060 is better, i would probably get a 480 if it was my money, all i'm saying is those blanket statements are BS and not helpful)
  8. AMD consume a bit more power...that's about it...software wise they are pretty even now...nvidia support physx (mostly irrelevant) it's really a case of whichever you like best honestly otherwise i would tell you. Also, if your board only support crossfire it probably has the second PCIE slot running at pcie 4x speed which will have a slight impact on RX 480 crossfire performance...not the end of the world but i wouldn't really consider this has an option personally...just sell the card and buy a new one when you feel it's getting outpasted by newer titles.
  9. fair enough...but a blanket statement like ''RX 480 better in newer games GTX 1060 better in older games'' is completely irrelevant. These cards perform about the same, and depending on the game engine one will be slightly better than the other...fire up another game and the other one will be slightly faster...pick your poison i guess.
  10. this game came out last week:
  11. this game came out last week...
  12. what are you talking about?! this game is not even out yet, and the 1060 is faster in that game:
  13. RX 480 8GB or GTX 1060 6GB whichever you prefer they perform about the same trading blows from game to game.
  14. as i already pointed out in the past...this chart makes absolutely no sense what so ever from my experience playing through that amazing game on maximum settings...here is how it runs with the settings maxed out on a 1440mhz GTX 980ti this is much closer to the experience i got...100-115FPS+ consistently at 2560x1440
  15. I would do it...especially if you do more than just gaming.