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  1. ya looks like pheonix. and ya, you need asic for btc now, anything else is just a waste. i do wonder how efficient 3090 is for mining btc.......
  2. running cgminer for btc is a waste of time and electricity for me. i can't get anything with cgminer anymore. 8700k / 1080ti
  3. actually, when i said "there are many pools that are scams", i was meaning to say "many cloud mining sites are scams". but the other person made the comment about being ripped off, then you made another comment about that comment, so i just quoted yours. but overall, it was my mistake to say "many pools are scams", when i meant to say was "many cloud mining sites are scams". but anyways, my bad.
  4. oh sorry, stupid me. i wasn't reading it properly. i mixed up "pool" with "cloud". ya, pools are usually ok, but cloud on the other hand...........
  5. slushpool and ck are good choices, except pc ain't gonna pull in much btc now. i do nanopool for eth, fairly decent.
  6. lots of scam pools out there. USUALLY and MOST LIKELY, you'll just end up mining for somebody else. You pay for the electricity, and they reap all the coins.
  7. ah..... for subscribers....... years of receiving spam mails finally paid off then.
  8. i got this email from bitdefender. these are good deals, unless i missed some fineprint. i bought it and it worked. just thought if anybody else is interesting. i don't work for bitdefender, i don't get commission from them. just wanna share. and i know windows 10 defender is pretty dang good, but i mean, 20 bucks, i wouldn't mind. _
  9. - i remembered back in 2007, there was this crazy pyramid scheme in china, where people were farming ants to make money. - ya, i ALWAYS wonder how btc would ever become mainstream if it takes so long to verify, and it really fluctuates a lot when it does.
  10. is there any new update on the samsung g9 monitor? it's been recalled, but have the problemS been fixed? has a new model of g9 been released? or maybe a new subsequent model?
  11. so the day btc becomes a regularly and commonly used currency is still a long long way away....
  12. i see most people still use wired mice.
  13. i'm just really curious. what is or who is jacking up the price? for safe haven investment, at least gold could be melted down and used in making things like motherboards, but btc? is there a sudden surge of retailers that finally accept btc?
  14. i'm curious about those trackball mice. does anybody have any chronical experience with those?
  15. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0042T7TBS?ref_=pe_527950_33920250_dpLink this is the mouse i bought last year. it's small, with three dpi settings, 800, 1200, 1600. i've never used 1600 before, because it's way too fast for me, kind of difficult to point at the thing i want to click. i've been using only 800. maybe i should start trying 1200. _