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  1. i said that to my friend, and he replied "if people believe in it, then it's not a scam". but then again, people used to believe the earth was flat.............
  2. ya i searched around, it's those companies that do staking that are paying a small amount of interest, but then the possible risks that come with it, probably not really worth it, since crypto's themselves go up way more than what staking pays, but then again, of course crypto's go down too, thanks.
  3. what's that nexo token the website talks about? thanks.
  4. i checked out celcius, and another one called voyager. how come they force users to must download app to sign up? they don't seem to allow users to use a computer and set up an account. i'm just curious. thanks.
  5. hi, which exchange do you guy park your coins at? any good exchange that pays a LITTLE bit of interest? or any good exchange that might help your stored coins grow a LITTLE bit? thanks.
  6. the website says: "DIELECTRIC CONSTANT 5,000V" but i don't see anywhere mentioning that this spray can be used on machines that are plugged in and powered up. ya, he said he didn't want to lose 15min of booting up. how much can you lose in 15min with aisc anyways??
  7. ah, CHEMSEARCH,....... the label says "CHCMSEARCH", ok, got it.
  8. most likely, NOT. and that's how i ended up here asking the professionals for their professional opinions.
  9. he sent me this picture, and said this is what he uses to clean his asic machines, WHILE THEY ARE STILL PLUGGED IN AND RUNNING, LIVE.
  10. has anybody used this kind of aerosol spray to clean a pc? my friend just told me he uses some kind of contact cleaner to clean his mining machine WHILE THE MACHINE IS STILL PLUGGED IN AND RUNNING. it's not just air that's being blown out of the can. it's got some kind of fast-evaporating liquid or something. thanks,
  11. there isn't a lot of info on this board, other than that it SEEMS like a really nice board. i searched around on the web, but not much to be found. can someone please share any professionally technical knowledge on this board? thanks.
  12. you like donuts eh? well, certain punishment could be entertaining for you.
  13. ya, i also have read about their customer service, and i think i read it somewhere that if coinbase accidentally got hacked, and user info got stolen, they wouldn't be responsible..... and that's why i'm being unsure about giving them my id.
  14. i understand the taxable income part, but i'm just curious what steps coinbase takes to protect user's real id, and what steps they will take if there is a breach in their security. will they be responsible for anything.... etc.
  15. it's about $800 CAD, but it just doesn't feel safe. i know everybody says it is, and it's a must nowadays, but still, it feels weird. i wouldn't feel as weird if i could walk into a bank with a physical building, and sit down with a live person.....