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  1. i just wanna say, datavac is not a vacuum but a blower. either the product name is misleading or i'm stupid, but anyways, i just found out today that datavac is not a vacuum.
  2. i don't really do oc. i have never done oc, because i'm always worried about frying up my cpu or my gpu. i run everything stock. i'm sure it's nothing, and i have watched a lot of people oc cpu and gpu on ytube, but i got this fear from long time ago when there were frequent stories of people frying their cpu. maybe technology has gotten much better and safer now, but i have yet to try oc anything.
  3. the clock is a bit low. autodesk products utilize one core, so i think i need a bit higher clock speed. now i realized how difficult it is to pick parts that suit me. i think maybe 10850k or 5900x is a better option for me. thanks.
  4. 16 cores might be overkill for me. i guess i just got caught up in that core-count number. maybe i should consider amd but with higher clock. thank you guys.
  5. autodesk says autocad and revit both use cpu, and use only one core. but i also use illustrator but not as often as autodesk stuff.
  6. the price difference between 5900x and 5950x is about $280 CAD..... maybe i could use that $300 to get more ram?
  7. it actually depends on the price of the cpu. according to autodesk, autocad utilizes only one core, but i think more-core will help a lot with the 3d rendering. ya, that's what i'm afraid of. i do have enough savings now for a 5950x+mobo+ram+psu+fans+case, but i just thought maybe the price would drop after 6950x comes out, but..... i guess not. thank you guys.
  8. Budget (including currency): $2,000 CAD Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: autocad, 3d rendering, java, vb, vm, non-competitive gaming Other details already have two 1080ti, so i'll probably just continue with sli, since gaming isn't the major usage. i also have couple of m.2 and sata that are of enough storage. i'll just need a cpu, mobo, ram, fanS, power supply. i got my eyes set on the 5950x. should i go for it, or just wait and hope for the price to drop when 6950x comes out? 5950x is currently being sold for about $1,000 CAD t
  9. how easy is it to steal electricity without being found out? especially when it's a mining farm, how stupid are these people.....
  10. i like this one: mining rigs destroyed who thinks they are merely empty cases with gpu removed?
  11. rumor has it that the new amd is coming out in august. will the introduction of the new ryzen cpu's drive the price of current ryzen-9 down? i'm surprised that the price for 9900k is still hovering around the $500 CAD level. I'm just curious if 3950x and 5950x will still be pricey when the new amd come out. thanks.
  12. there are couple msi frozr on ebay selling for $700 +/- 10%. i'm not in dire need of a graphic card, maybe i should save up more money and get a new one later, when this whole chip-shortage thing is over, or when cryptocurrency loses its appeal.
  13. i looked around, those two cards are basically sold for over $1,000 ,that's a bit too much for my wallet..... but ya, they do have super cooling.
  14. correction, "on sale" didn't make any of the prices "sensible". the prices have come down, but i don't know if i would want to spend over $700 for an msi twin frozr 1080ti today.... hm....