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  1. If you want bass, a gaming headset will not give it to you. Go for a dt990 pro. That one of the most bass heavy cheaper high fidelity open backed headphones. 7.1 is not good at all unless it's true 7.1. On every gaming headset it is simulated 7.1, which does not give you any advantage in games.
  2. It costs more though I'm pretty sure.
  3. nonononononononononononono please don't get a gaming headset plz. Get some dt990 pros or ad700x's. They beat gaming headsets in every way imaginable (except for not having a mic). Surround sound is just a gimmick and does nothing for you except make the sound more muddy. If you need the mic get a modmic.
  4. Add the PG279Q to that list. It destroys all of them IMO.
  5. Then the asus you have listed would be better
  6. They used to make the panels for samsung and LG and sony and all the other major brands. Then they figured they could sell they same shit for literally half the price.
  7. In that case the best price to performance would either be an i5 8th gen or a ryzen 5 2nd gen.
  8. I would wait until the new gen evolv X comes out for itx
  9. 1. If it's made by massdrop it will come back very soon so... 2. That is a very good price, I would go for it if you like widescreens.
  10. That would be best yeah, but what is your budget for the PSU?
  11. Your CPU "is better" in a sense than your GPU and PSU, tear those out, sell them used on ebay and use that money to get the best 400-500W PSU you can with the money gained + a little more. Then instead of buying a better CPU, get a better GPU as you will need a much better one depending on what games you play. Your CPU is the best thing out of all those parts.
  12. 1. Tier 2 is still really good and close enough to tier 1. 2. They cheaped out and some parts of the PSU to make it cheaper to the end user.
  13. Depends on how much you need/want it. The TV you are looking for might not even be on sale on black friday, you never know. I recommend TCL if you want a cheap TV for the sameish visuals as a more expensive samsung/LG
  14. theres really only one brand competing at the moment for best performance at high end, which is nvidia.
  15. Honestly, this probably won't be the fix, but try swapping dp cables and see if it changes anything.