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  1. Also good luck actually walking into a Gamestop and buying an XBox One. Gamestop employees complain they basically never have consoles in stock except for Switch Lites. This is a seller's market like I have never seen before. Never in the past 40 years have I seen it so fucked up you can't get any of the consoles. I'd say just battle the bots and scalpers to get a system at retail following stock announcements, or wait until 2022.
  2. 2021 and budget shouldn't be used in the same sentence together. Buying a last gen console today is nuts, at least from any retailer. Gamestop is asking $290 for used XBox One S 1TB. What a joke. You're going to pay that much you might as well just pay $400 for a PS5 Digital if you're willing and able to set alarms and follow them for a month, or if not get one of the XBox Series S bundles from Gamestop. Last time Gamestop did a drop those Series S bundles were available for hours. I think it was something like Series S plus extra controller plus 3 months Game Pass for around $400. Could have
  3. Damn I'm jealous of that PVM. And didn't realize you could buy a flashcart that could play FDS. Curious, do you find the picture better playing on real PS1 vs playing on your PS2 since I see you have both hooked to your PVM? Or do you just have the real PS1 hooked up for being able to play off a microSD?
  4. You don't have too much input lag using wireless controllers on the NES and Famicom? And the pre-built 8BitDo controllers are decent? I bought an 8BitDo conversion kit to mod an old Genesis 6-button controller into a Bluetooth controller and the results were extremely disappointing. Thought it would be amazing for playing Sonic Mania on my Switch but the lag was terrible. No better on my Raspberry Pi either.
  5. Agreed. Same shit with PS4 Pro while XBox One X could output 1440p last gen.
  6. You definitely want 4k, as PS5 won't output a 1440p signal. And VRR over HDMI 2.1 since XBox Series X already supports it and PS5 is allegedly supposed to support it too some time in the future.
  7. Is Germany just not getting many doses or do you have lots of people hesitant to take the Biontech/Pfizer shot? In the US most people who want to be vaccinated have been so you can just get the shots with no planning now. Makes me mad as fuck seeing so many vaccine deniers killing our path to herd immunity and seeing all these vaccines get wasted.
  8. You'll probably get soreness at the injection site. I almost never have that from shots but had it for a day from both of the Pfizer/Biontech injections. Whether you get other side effects seems a crapshoot though. Mine were pretty mild, light headache night of first injection ~8 hours after so I went to sleep a little early and that was it, light fever and some chills for 4 or 5 hours the morning after my second shot. But my brother got a 39C fever the day after both times. Though he had a kind of nasty but not critical case of COVID back in December.
  9. Sorry your boss doesn't trust you enough to have your phone with you at work.
  10. You like God of War but not Souls games? The 2018 reboot felt very Souls like IMO.
  11. I don't see that at all. There is nothing interesting for XBox you can't get on Playstation other than Forza and the upcoming Halo (and I don't like either series). Unless they drop say Starfield this year. I had no second thoughts about getting PS5 instead of Series X as an early adopter even though I expect Series X to probably be the better console over the entire generation. But the fact no dates were talked about for Starfield or Hellblade 2 when they were shown off last summer makes me think they're a couple of years away while this year on PS5 we get Ratchet & Clank Rift
  12. Series S isn't hard at all to find, I saw them on sale for hours at Gamestop's site. Though who wants a Series S with only 320GB or so of free space when it's a digital console I guess. Getting a PS5 is doable if you set alarms for when they come in stock. I used a direct add to cart link to get mine from Walmart.com, though you still have to have all your CC and shipping info already setup with Walmart and you still have to speed through the checkout.
  13. PS5 is really nice right now. Ghost of Tsushima is jaw dropping at 1800p60 and I'm playing Spiderman now, which looks really nice with RT + 60 fps. And I expect Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart to be outstanding too. Also can't wait for the FFVIIR Integrade patch next month. The system is no doubt ugly and I hate how big it is (had to move my PS3 Fat because I just don't have room for both of them under my main gaming TV), but the hardware is still tremendous value even if PC gpus were selling for MSRP. I just worry about PS5 going on the XBox 360 trajectory: namely, being impressive as hell the
  14. Turns out I was wrong, Tom's Hardware says it'll be on TSMC 6nm. Not sure how much power that'll save. Probably not enough to change the appearance of the system, as Sony didn't go to a PS3 Slim until their lithography had dropped from 90nm to 45nm. I imagine it'll still need a very beefy heatsink given how highly Sony clocks the PS5 gpu.