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  1. Picked up one of these Retrobit 8-button USB Saturn gamepads for $20 mostly to use for MAME, Saturn, and Genesis emulation, but I think it would be pretty solid for NES and PC Engine too. Definitely would be terrible for SNES and PS1 though, as the layout is all off for it. Love the feel of this D-pad on both this controller and on the Genesis controllers, especially on fighting games in MAME. Tempted to sell my SNES Classic and get a MiSTer to use this on, though no clue if we'll actually ever get that Saturn FPGA core being worked on right now for the MiSTer project.
  2. Looks pretty good and I love the genre. Will definitely put this on my Switch wishlist.
  3. The DS version is supposed to have some extra content, but I haven't played it. Seems very well regarded by the fanbase though. The SNES original is brilliant, just played through it a couple of months ago for the first time in 25 years and it still holds up. Stay away from the PS1 version though, can't imagine adding load times to the game would be very fun. Music for Chrono Trigger is incredible. They even had Tokyo's symphony orchestra play two songs from it in the Olympic opening ceremony in Tokyo earlier this month. Love the SNES,
  4. Nah she's a nurse so she knew exactly what those sounds meant that she was hearing all night. But not a COVID ward nurse so she hadn't experienced it firsthand until then I think.
  5. That's depressing. My cousin was getting oxygen in the COVID ward last year for a couple of days (turned out she was negative and had an unrelated pneumonia that cleared up in those two days of getting oxygen) and said she was hearing these alarms going off all day and night and people coding all day and night, one after the other.
  6. 3080 Ti for $670? Yeah that's a fucking scam.
  7. Lots of games that ran way worse than that. Can't believe how poorly Oblivion ran when I got my 360 in 2006. Like 0 fps pauses for a couple of seconds at a time in the open world.
  8. What kind of cpu do you need these days to get decent performance? I run a Xeon E3-1231v3 (like a Haswell i7 minus integrated graphics) and a 1660 Super and for instance Dragon Quest VIII just feels like the frame pacing is bad on PCSX2-1.6.0 vs playing it on my real PS2. I usually stay away from the widescreen patches since there is undefined behavior in that area. Like if I play Persona 3 FES with a widescreen patch sometimes you'll see characters walk in place at the edge of the screen for a second or two before they're supposed to walk into the normal 4:3 field of view. It's p
  9. I must be the only person who hates PCSX2, I always get so many annoying bugs on textures, textboxes screwed up, sound bugs, etc whether on the old 1.4.2 stable, the 1.5.0 stable, the new 1.6.0 stable, or the nightly builds I have tried. I much prefer just playing PS2 games on my PS2 over component. Yeah it looks awful on composite but just as good as playing on a BC PS3 over HDMI when I'm using component cables with my PS2.
  10. I mean if you're not going to pay the early adopters tax for DDR5 no reason to wait then, as all the Ryzen 5000 series cpus can be found at or below MSRP now and they're monsters.
  11. Cyberpunk you'll definitely be bottlenecked even if only trying for 60 fps. You really need R5 3600 or better if you want 60 fps with say crowds turned up to high. But if you're willing to pay for DDR5 doesn't seem like too bad an idea to wait for Alder Lake. Would suck to jump on a DDR4 platform right when they're about to get replaced. I don't play the Battlefield games but my 3.6 GHz 4C/8T Xeon E3-1231v3 (basically a locked Haswell i7 without the gpu) can keep 60 fps in everything I have thrown at it other than Cyberpunk, so I wouldn't sweat performance for your unlocked Sandy Bridge i7. It
  12. Control has an outstanding DLSS implementation. I mean if that's your favorite game and what you're buying a gpu for it's nuts to buy anything other than an RTX card. It's not so much the RTX as it is how good DLSS is right now that would make me only consider Nvidia if I was to buy a card today.
  13. Kind of surprised that vulnerability wasn't worth $10,000 like the kernel exploits found for the PS4 have been.
  14. GTX 1660 by a mile. If you want a 1660 with GDDR6 get the 1660 Super. It's literally a GTX 1660 with GDDR6 instead of GDDR5.
  15. The GTX 1660 is more than 40% faster than the GTX 1650 GDDR6 in techpowerup's testsuite at 1080p.