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  1. It's a good 1080p card for a decent price. If someone offered me the following choice GTX 1650 Super plus $600 - or - RTX 3080 but I couldn't sell, gift, or trade it I'd take option #1 for sure.
  2. I usually only buy PC hardware and console games around Black Friday, but no good deals on either this year it looks like. Though I'll hold out a little hope for Steam's Autumn Sale tomorrow I guess.
  3. Definitely watch out for them in the Steam Autumn Sale then, and if they're not cheap then, they probably will be in the Steam Winter Sale. I could swear they were like $2.99 or something ridiculously low in the Steam Summer Sale. I actually got AC II free from UPlay in one of their giveaways. UPlay gives away their old AC games all the time. I think I got AC II, AC III, AC Black Flag, and AC Unity free over the last two years just going and claiming them when UPlay was doing a giveaway. There are a couple of PC centered youtube channels, CultOfMush and SantiagoSantiago, that I subscribe to wh
  4. Did you ever play AC II and AC Brotherhood? They're about 10 years old but are a blast too in that same older style of AC game.
  5. With by far the biggest release of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, being one of them. Hugely doubtful AMD's answer will be nearly as good without silicon dedicated to it.
  6. 4. You see how DLSS-2.0 looks pretty much indistinguishable from native resolution while offering big performance gains
  7. I'd keep the 3080 all the way, as DLSS-2.0 is pretty awesome and I doubt AMD will have anything that comes close since they don't have a bunch of die space directly set aside for it unlike the RTX cards. I'd scalp the fuck out of that 6800XT.
  8. Ryzen 5 3600 gains almost nothing from overclocking anyways.
  9. Your gpu is supposed to be at 100% usage if you have vsync off and you're not cpu bottlenecked, which you won't be with a Ryzen 5 3600 at 1080p unless you buy a higher end gpu. 1660 Super is alright now at 1080p. For instance, I can run RDR2 at 55-80 fps using the optimized settings Hardware Unboxed recommends after doing a deep dive into the game settings (mostly high with a bit of medium). So considering how graphically intense that game is I would think 1660 Super will be decent at 1080p60 for the next couple of years, though maybe you'll have to drop to a mix of more medium vs high to get
  10. I like the $2165.32 original price, discounted to $2160.42.
  11. Newegg has become a pain in the US too. Used to be such a great company too.
  12. Just saying, they're bastards now too. Not the same company that built up an amazing reputation for years in the 2000s. They were great for me too until they weren't.
  13. Well last time I ordered something from them they just didn't ship it period and didn't tell me anything and I had to go complain to customer service a week after I ordered seeing nothing updated. Then they tried to give the refund back on a gift card that would expire in 90 days, what a joke. After a month of back and forth I just had them send me a check for the refund instead, which bounced and they tried to blame my bank. At which point I just said fuck it, I'm done with newegg since it was only a $20 order and I was sick of wasting time with them. So they scammed me out of $20 and lost my
  14. Newegg isn't great either. I bought a cpu from them a few years ago and paid for 2 day shipping only for them to send it to me FedEx SmartPost and have it take almost two weeks.
  15. I was going on his prices he quoted, where a cheap 1660 was $300CAD and an expensive 1650 Super was $260CAD. In that case I'd take the cheap 1660 any day. Of course cheap 1650 Super (he quoted $220CAD) vs cheap 1660 is a whole different ballgame and then the cheap 1650 Super is again a really compelling buy. Was mostly just illustrating how wasteful buying higher end versions of lower-end cards is. Especially when there is almost nothing to gain from higher end coolers on such cards, unlike say the difference cooler makes for how an RX 5700 XT will run.