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    ASUS Z370 Maximus X Code
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    GSKILL Trident-Z
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    MSI Lightning Z 1080ti
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    Samsung 850 500g X2, WD Black 4TB
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    ASUS and it's expensive
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  1. Thanks, yeah definitly using DP. All drivers are up to date, even Windows. Ocne I'm able to confirm the 3080 fixes the issue, I'm definitally going to keep looking into this.
  2. Update. This is not a fix though. Disable VSYNC in the ini file Use software like RivaTuner to limit the fps to 58, NOT 60 Enable borderless Windowned Do those things and it's playable. Seems a recent update fucked over older cards. Those 3 steps takes care of most the issues.
  3. Yeah, tested Hitman (only other game loaded on the system) and GSYNC worked normally
  4. Do you get really bad stuters and screen tearing at 60?
  5. Nah, I thought that too. Actually just found this out because of this issue. It's fine into the 100s. Gameplay wise. The tearing and stuterring happen at any fps. My 3080 caps at 74fps in 76. That's something I'll have to look into once the main is back up and running
  6. This is why I stopped using this forum. Rather than help you get misinformation
  7. https://www.nvidia.com/en-in/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/g-sync-hdr-requirements/
  8. There wasn't anything else out, when GSYNC hit.
  9. It does, I bought this monitor to work with this 980ti. In fact it worked when using 980ti in SLI
  10. My main rig has a 8700k and 3080 in it. I was doing some cleaning and realized that the LM in the 8700k was toast, and so was my supply of it. So ordered new LM. While I wait I'm using a 4790k and 980ti backup rig I have. All I did was disconned the main, and swap in the backup to all my stuff. I mostly play Fallout 76 so nothing really lost there. Only the 980ti only worked with GSYNC for the first time I played, now I have constant screen tearing. Tried letting VSYNC run, caps at 30fps not 60. Tried disabling VSYNC and limiting the fps to 60. Tried letting the fps be unlimited.
  11. Started work on the Idaho Potato PC. So far have a Athlon 64 FX 60, LAN Party CFX3200, Fatal1ty CPU cooler, GTX 550ti, Tt 550 power supply, Toshiba 380g HDD, and a rando wireless adapter. So far I have 25 bucks spent on the project, if anyone has some DDr out there hit me up. In need