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  1. @Frederick Zoller a Quadro 100000000000% Normal GeForce GPU's don't make much sense for workstation exclusive workloads, even though they may use the same exact chip.
  2. @Junaid.T.K your question is VERY VERY general. There are many different types of games out there, each with different system specification requirements. As @pythonmegapixel said you need to put your budget into context. People buy phones for $1000, so you can't realistically expect a $650 laptop to be great for gaming, or productivity to be honest, as you quite simply can't get a powerful laptop at that price point (let's say you're looking to play newer demanding titles).. So, what type of games are you looking to play and what are you going to be using your laptop
  3. Logitech speakers (usually) don't sound good. They might sound good to an average person, but they certainty do not produce high quality sound. @Smashpumpkins you're comparing two COMPLETELY different products.. We: don't know what you're going to be using your speakers/monitors for don't know what kind of sound signature you prefer don't know the dimensions of your room and/or possible acoustic treatment that may or may not have already been done there's a LOT of missing AND conflicting/confusing information here..
  4. It's a pretty nice board with a very nice white aesthetic. Here @emotionalpig, check this out:
  5. Answer: 10850K all the way case closed
  6. Hey @DrakeniWolf and greetings from Slovenia! I sympathize your situation and understand the computer electronics market is rough at the moment. I have two questions, if you don't mind: are you going to primarily be gaming, or focusing more on streaming? The 3900X is a BEEFY CPU, however the RX 570 and/or GTX 1060 are entry level at best. The GTX 1060 3GB is a NO GO in my opinion, due to VRAM limitation (3GB is NOT enough). The RX 570 is pointless, I'd go with an used RX 580 8GB, but even that isn't going to last very long, as it's getting quite old.. are
  7. To avoid confusion @Confused Parent what @AlexP11223 is trying to say is that the GPU market (the component that essentially displays the actual picture) is REALLY bad and everything is out of stock. So I'd suggest looking at pre-built computers or, depending on the age of your child, possibly even a laptop, IF he really needs to only do school work (for college and such)
  8. Even if 8K is only a couple of paychecks for you @Confused Parent I'd always recommend putting things into perspective, as it can be very helpful: 8K can buy you a relatively new CAR. So I'd say your kid is trying to pull a VERY fast one on you . Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have nice things, even as a child, but maybe 8K IS a little excessive hahahah
  9. I think something like $200 - $300 gets you a very nice 27" 1080p monitor @Confused Parent
  10. @Confused Parent I'm not sure if you're just trolling or whatever, but it seems to me like you might be having a bit of a difficult time assessing the cost of computers. So, for future reference keep this in mind: ~ $500: budget $500 - $1000: mid tear $1500 - $2000: high end $2000 and over: luxury
  11. While I agree that it would theoretically be best to wait for stock, I just unfortunately don't see that happening till 2022.. $800 for an RTX 2080 Ti (nowadays) really isn't a bad deal. In fact, it's a GREAT deal! So if you need it today, go for it. If you don't, wait.
  12. Ufff.. this, unfortunately is EXTREMELY BAD advice @MightyMishka.. sorry
  13. Wow thanks for the info @Stahlmann, as it will come in handy for sure! To be honest the CTH doesn't sound that different from other sort of entry level solid state amplifiers, because it's a hybrid and the tube in the CTH's case affects the input and not the output stage. It doesn't scale that well with Sennheiser HD 58X's, but does scale better with something like HD 6XX/650's (and others), where you do notice a tubey airy character of the amp. The same can be said for the HD 58X, though the difference is very small. It's 80% solid and 20% tube is what I'd say. So basically it
  14. Fantastic! I myself very rarely notice the difference between e.g. Tidal and Spotify, or in other words only when I'm REALLY assessing music. However I still do, which is why I'm sticking with Tidal for now. Once that changes and Spotify HiFi launches, I doubt I'll notice any difference! Nice setup @Stahlmann, always liked the DT 990's! My next buy are prob. going to be the DT 1990 PRO headphones, but I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about pulling the trigger as I'm not sure whether I'm going to fall in love with them or begin to get annoyed by their sort of "sterile" and analytical
  15. If you don't mind me asking @Stahlmann what kind of audio setup are you running? Guessing it's pretty darn sweet! I'm running a pair of ADAM Audio T7V's as my "desktop speakers" together with an MOTU M2. As far as headphones are concerned I've got a Cavalli Tube Hybrid pushing pair of Sennheiser HD 58X through a Grace SDAC It's an introductory setup, but the audio quality is very nice indeed + the tube boi adds a bit of character and charm, which I find makes for a more emotional and special listening experience.