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  • Birthday 1989-09-17


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    intel core i5 4460 @3.20Ghz Locked
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    Gigabyte H97M - D3H Socket LGA 1150
  • RAM
    Corsair VENGEANCE DDR3 8Gb (X2) 1600mhz
  • GPU
    XFX RADEON HD 7750
  • Case
    LG OEM **its something** from 2002,matx case with floppy drive slot & "errything"
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    classified info (its awesome) but 60 Hz :(
  • Cooling
    keep the side panel off , that's my custom cooling .
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    5k dpi stutter~y laser
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    Bass heavy headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1

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    Your Heart
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    High end hardware, Changing profile pics .
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    feeling good erryday
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    bitching about not having a dream PC for so many years

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      dudes 44c hT xeon cinebench score



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      me likey, me want

    4. Tech_Dreamer
  2. Broadband sent over wet string

  3. ISP donated $101 million to Congress

    the whole shenanigan isn't gonna change shit. this is just more spice being dumped onto an already set drama. media will take advantage of any chaos. it's their lifeline, not because it cares. but hey look , spotlight.
  4. Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Linus's face when his kid mispronounced "Codecs" as "C**ks" . Source: Learning to code Kano computer kit , timestamp: 4.40
  5. Electronic music(s) producer of choice

    missing Armin.
  6. Not sure why nvidia would put a glowing label on the opposing side facing the motherboard , but i can imagine it being presented the right way in an open case with pcie extension.



    1. floppy disk mayhem

      floppy disk mayhem

      I didn't know they released the titan X with the star wars branding! why would they do that? its not even branded as gaming!


    2. PCGuy_5960


      I'm not sure why Nvidia released another Titan Xp, but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. i appreciate & admire a person really well when a person acts good amidst chaos & often time at situations when they need not , it's a hard thing to to do , being an asshole takes no effort as we know & seen throughout our interactions with others by now , it's human nature , it takes a good chunk of self-control & dexterity & focus to stay in control to stay humble as to not hurt another with words or use of physical force to assert that one is right .


    But there are times we must face a special set of assholes who think they're so good they can't do anything bad,  they know how the wheel spins,  they have these markers of approval stamp acts they will do do to gain sympathy & admiration as a  free pass so they can use it in a really bad "social acceptable" math they cooked up, it's like adding impurity to something precious & saying the impurity doesn't count because of the rest of their actions was good. It's a mad world & there are only a few good men .

  8. Saw MKBHD's imac pro review,  good lawd that thing is factory sealed tight & non upgrade able as heck , i get the AIO "feature" perks are good to specific personals like hardcore office groups who could care less for the features/upgrade-able benefits (all the little bips of tuning & upgrading ,cleaning,maintaining) they just needs something that works silently & wont take up too much space or time fiddling into.


    but as a PC user & on that perspective , where the user is robbed of that freedom to even see whats inside & or do slight  manual upgrades & to fix the hardware if anything goes wrong is under the mercy of a payed 2nd party maintenance . that sort of stuff seems absurd & rip off.

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      Well to be fair all other parties do is use suction cups and remove the glue to the bezel.


      I say "only" because you too can do it but it sucks ass still tho

  9. VR parenting 101


  10. Calls for Twitch to police 'sexual streaming'

    problem starts when it's to lure in donations from the viewers , they just target vulnerable audience(young age group) with no intention on quality content based revenue. well technically depends on what you want. But aside from that can't please everyone on the flip-side, some over exaggerate due to personal vendetta or dislikes & some brush it off like it's nothing & it's just fun & some see it though the highly saturating SJW lens that they have, it's politics at the end of the day but everybody knows when it's intended drama & fun versus 'this is too much'.
  11. Ever got tired of the "Worlds most fastest GPU ever" tagline over & over again from nvidia? i mean come on, you already are leading the pack up front for the fastest GPU out there  , anything you release new is guaranteed to be better than what you have right now, even if it it barely scratches over the performance pinnacle of your current flagship, you can call it "the fastest GPU ever" . Meh,Marketing strategy i guess.

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    2. DildorTheDecent


      Well it's not really going to be AMD these days is it? xD

    3. phongle123


      "One last ride"

    4. themaniac


      what I would like would be the tagline "The fastest ever low tier gpu, its faster than last years fastest gpu"

  12. Because I can (stupid pic)

    sure, why not?