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    intel core i5 4460 @3.20Ghz Locked
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    Gigabyte H97M - D3H Socket LGA 1150
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    Corsair VENGEANCE DDR3 8Gb (X2) 1600mhz
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    **its something** from 2002,matx case with floppy drive slot & "errything"
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    classified info (its awesome) but 60 Hz :(
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    keep the side panel off , that's my custom cooling .
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  1. When You hear someone talking shit about Taiwan
  2. Oneplus & Iphone side-by-side comparisons everywhere , Cant say they're wrong doe, too much copying? it pulled a Chinese replica sale like you see on the grey market .

  3. is it weekend yet?

    1. werto165


      yes it's always the weekend. 

  4. i think it was fair , if one of their hardware they bought failed that's tied to their budget , then it should've been a no contest , But honestly i'm thinking it might have been knowingly put out there with the extra spicy drama , if you know what i mean *grabs ultra salty popcorn*
  5. Notice this shitty emotion play they do in the news when it comes to political stuff? Like What are they doing? it's like reading a children story & imitating out who you should feel good & bad for? Making a story that way from source truth , Go to kindergarten with that immature shit, at this point only kids will take it in as something serious (or you know who) . Grown ass independent puppets.






    1. revsilverspine




      Not to mention this


      it's all about them ratings. News isn't news. It's a show that desperately seeks viewership.

  6. Trying to reset everything from the bottom up , drives/factory reset/new calibration , Wish me luck , Hope this fixes the green tint issue.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      muh monitor issue by the way.

    2. STRMfrmXMN
    3. Tech_Dreamer


      Nope! It's pretty much done sadly , Nothing from the part of software after extensive trouble shooting , it's the panel itself & replacement cost is dubious, warranty period is done , might as well buy a new more advanced monitor for the price of replacing it & get more years covering the warranty.

  7. Sup Nick.
  8. Wan Sum Tech ?
  9. funny thing is with all this shit, have they caught someone with real bad motive in real time after all these years ? if the answer is 'No' , then this sounds like a political tool to target certain individual of their interests or maybe just outright spy on mediocre things .