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  1. I'm old enough that when I was recently giving a friend who relocated to my city recommendations on restaurants and bars I said "there's also some good places over by the uni, but it's such a younger crowd" while also young enough to be horrified I actually said that.

  2. I use the Core G3 case that Fasauceome mentioned. While I personally really like aesthetic, I'll admit it doesn't really make a lot of logical sense (what's really the point of a case supporting an ATX motherboard if it limits you to one PCIE slot and an SFX power supply). It probably is your best bet as far as compact + ATX + window if that's your requirement though.

  3. Thanks, and just getting a new keyboard is certainly the obvious answer to this problem, but I've just never found another keyboard that I liked typing on better than my current one.


    I know 8BitDo makes a wireless usb adapter that allows you to connect a bluetooth game controller (e.g. Xbox One controller) to a Nintendo Switch and was hoping there was something similar that could work for a keyboard instead.


    Or similar to one of those bluetooth adapters that lets you use your wireless bluetooth headphones with a regular 1/8 audio port for airplanes and such (but with USB instead).  

  4. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is anyone aware of a bluetooth dongle that allows you to pair a keyboard specifically to the dongle (rather than the computer the dongle is plugged in to)?


    Basically, I have a bluetooth-only keyboard that while a relatively cheap membrane keyboard, I personally find very comfortable for long-term typing. It only pairs with one device at a time however and I would like to be able to pair it to a specific dongle that I can then plug directly into a docking station I use with multiple laptops, rather than re-pairing to each laptop every time I switch computers1


    1. Obviously the sensible thing to do would be to just get a non-bluetooth wireless keyboard like the Logitech G915, but I rather like my current keyboard