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  1. Ultimately, its just supply and demand as with any other asset. If you are say a German who wants to buy a US product, you would first need to use your euros to effectively buy US dollars, which you would then use to buy whatever US product you are after. In this way you create a demand for US dollars based on your perceived value of what they are worth (i.e. getting the US product that you were after). You're demand in combination with everyone else's demand for US dollars (as well as demand going the other way, e.g. US persons wanting to trade their US dollars to acquire goods, services or a
  2. I think it can vary by the keyboard. I had two wireless number pads once, on one the numlock key was a 'live' key that I was able to rebind using autohotkey, but on the other the numlock key was a 'hardware' key that just shifted the function of the other keys on the number pad (ie, it was not picked up as a keypress by the OS and able to be rebound by autohotkey)
  3. I did a similar project adding fans to my desk so I could dock my laptop out of sight in one of the drawers. Noctua makes 5V variants of most sizes of their fans which you can then just power off a standard issue USB hub or USB power plug (like an old iPhone charger you may have laying around). They also happen to make an adjustable fan controller which you can use to control the speed / shut off the fans when you're not using them. If you want to avoid the Noctua premium, I'm sure you can find much cheaper 5V fans from other brands online. I went for the Noctua fans, o
  4. This is interesting as this type of malware could ultimately create a Market for Lemons type scenario for ransomware. Blackmail is essentially a trust-based business and if people can't reasonably expect paying the ransom will get their data back then the likelihood of paying for any ransomware would then decrease.
  5. You could potentially just get a wireless 10-key number pad and then remap the keys to left click / right click / other using autohotkey?
  6. The Vaio Z series, whether this latest version or any of the previous iterations over the last decade plus, has always been a prestige product that never made sense on any sort of value or relative product competition basis vs. other manufactures. It's meant to be a more like a rolex you buy to show off. That said, I'm not a fan of this latest version, though back before ultrabooks became a thing the Z series was about the only option for a no compromises ~13in laptop.
  7. I think this is key. As someone who's been living as an expat most of the last decade in a few different places, I've learned the truth is when it comes to lifestyle its more about how you choose to live your life than where you choose to live your life. In most every place I lived, I ended up living almost exactly the same lifestyle with only a few minor differences until my most recent move when I really committed to finally making some personal changes in my life. That said, I would likely still encourage you to do so, especially if you don't have any commitments tying you down
  8. Present Value = Future Value / (1 + interest rate)^(number of time periods) This is assuming a very simple example where your interest rate is fixed throughout the time horizon.
  9. Agree, white chocolate. All other chocolates are a mistake
  10. Maybe The Legend of Prince Valiant? Is there anything more to go on, are all of the characters human or are there any non-human or other memorable characters that may narrow down the possibilities?
  11. The number of shares is an arbitrary decision, something typical would be to have 7,000 shares in your case at an implied issue price of $1.00/share (given your $7,000 in initial capital). Note you should really get a lawyer to review and set this up for you, this would not be something you would want to leave to yourself. The number of shares will also likely change over time to the extent you raise new capital, either from yourselves or other new investors. Also given its a partnership they would technically be units rather than shares. What something is worth is a nebulous conce
  12. I mean from a literal perspective everything that exists has chemicals in it. In terms of energy drinks though, I like Redbull Zero and can't stand any of the others.
  13. =IFERROR((MATCH($C$4,$E$4:$E$10,0)<>0)*1,0) Where C4 is the value your looking for and E4:E10 is the range. If it is 1 the value exists in the range, if 0 it does not.
  14. I'm old enough that when I was recently giving a friend who relocated to my city recommendations on restaurants and bars I said "there's also some good places over by the uni, but it's such a younger crowd" while also young enough to be horrified I actually said that.
  15. I use the Core G3 case that Fasauceome mentioned. While I personally really like aesthetic, I'll admit it doesn't really make a lot of logical sense (what's really the point of a case supporting an ATX motherboard if it limits you to one PCIE slot and an SFX power supply). It probably is your best bet as far as compact + ATX + window if that's your requirement though.
  16. Investment banker This is my life:
  17. Thanks, and just getting a new keyboard is certainly the obvious answer to this problem, but I've just never found another keyboard that I liked typing on better than my current one. I know 8BitDo makes a wireless usb adapter that allows you to connect a bluetooth game controller (e.g. Xbox One controller) to a Nintendo Switch and was hoping there was something similar that could work for a keyboard instead. Or similar to one of those bluetooth adapters that lets you use your wireless bluetooth headphones with a regular 1/8 audio port for airplanes and such (but with US
  18. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is anyone aware of a bluetooth dongle that allows you to pair a keyboard specifically to the dongle (rather than the computer the dongle is plugged in to)? Basically, I have a bluetooth-only keyboard that while a relatively cheap membrane keyboard, I personally find very comfortable for long-term typing. It only pairs with one device at a time however and I would like to be able to pair it to a specific dongle that I can then plug directly into a docking station I use with multiple laptops, rather than re-pairing to each laptop every time I swi