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  1. The end with the video outputs should have a long bracket lip that needs to sit on the inside of the case. That's how you will get it flush and firmly seated.
  2. Hello, I'm the seller, and as OP mentioned, this machine was running perfectly fine before leaving my hands. I can also confirm I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows with no issues, ran hwinfo to confirm temps were fine, and ran heaven benchmark through a couple loops, and everything was solid as a rock. I had previously suggested that a hardware component may have become loose in transport, but I think most parts have been reaeated and/or tested, so not sure...
  3. Where are you seeing this? Most of the comparisons I see are more in the 5-10% max range.
  4. Yes, I already corrected that. When looking at the aggregated percentage, I don't think they'd be far apart.
  5. The 5600g will be slightly faster than a GT 1030 in some cases, and lose out in others. The cpu portion is only slightly slower than the base 5600x chip. It's a nice APU for 1080p low/med.
  6. Agreed. I certainly wouldn't spend that much on a cooler, but some people have a lot of cash and like the visual aesthetics the z series offers over the x series. I would sooner drop down to a lesser AIO and up the cpu to a 5800/5900x with the savings.
  7. You may want to check out openRGB. It's an open source option with support for all kinds of brands. https://www.google.com/search?q=openrgb+windows&oq=openrgb&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j35i39j0l3.2097j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung-ss&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  8. Are you looking to overclock the chip? If just using stock, and your case has adequate cooling, the stock cooler should be fine.
  9. Your cpu doesn't have onboard graphics and so plugging into the mobo display connector won't ever give you an image.
  10. Try to eliminate any adapters, and just use a straight cable to get an image. Even if that's not the cable type you want to use.
  11. Make sure your display cable is plugged into the GPU and not the motherboard. That's an easy mistake to make.
  12. Do you have another DP cable to try?
  13. Display port is notorious for it's slow connection status. Although, it usually offers the best resolutions/refresh rates. Is your DP monitor set as the main monitor in Windows?
  14. As suggested, there's a good chance your board doesn't support the ryzen 3000 cpu out of box, and would need a bios update. You can't do this unless you have an old ryzen chip, or bios flashback on the mobo. Usually the mobo box will list if it's ryzen 3000 ready or not.
  15. Has it helped with the coil whine?