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  1. Yesterday someone told me that when a food package says "[partially] produced with genetic engineering," that means it has added chemicals in it - no, it just means some component of it had its genetic code altered(or its source plant did). And even so, man-made chemicals aren't necessarily bad for us, and natural chemicals aren't necessarily good for us either. 

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    2. SamStrecker
    3. Godlygamer23


      Something to consider is that foods are genetically modified, even if it's not using GE technology. Regardless of what you believe, foods are modified to make them more palatable, including corn. And any time you have an organism reproduce, you will have errors introduced into the code that could have an effect on the organism consuming it. People want to attack foods that use explicit GE, but don't consider that even the grapefruit was created through exposure to radiation. 


      You cannot attack GE foods for issues without considering that almost all other foods(including "organic") are modified genetically, and that while you might support GE tech, you may also be ignorant in some fields, including in the safety aspect. 


    4. SamStrecker


       Yeah bananas are a great example. We slowly bred them into something tasty. We have to graft each plant to grow new ones but bananas used to be super small and bitter 

  2. You can set the game to run on a single GPU in the Manage 3D Settings button within the NVIDIA Control Panel. Once that loads, navigate to the Program Settings tab.
  3. I bought a Playstation 4.

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    2. deXxterlab97


      Get Gran Turismo Sport/6

      Little Big Planet 2/3 if you are into puzzle and game creation

      The Last of Us


    3. deXxterlab97


      Also PS Move. It's hella fun

    4. SansVarnic


      Probably Shit 4 ... awesome.

      (sorry could not help myself)


      Hope you enjoy it, seriously.

  4. It's fine.
  5. When you have Freesync/G-SYNC, the refresh rate of the monitor is modified to run at the same rate as the GPU(as the frame rate lowers), so yeah there's merit to having a Freesync enabled monitor.
  6. That's part of running a successful business.
  7. It would have to be demonstrated objectively.
  8. I didn't get that interpretation from the linked video. Sure it's fairly fast in gaming, but it is not a beast at gaming. Other tasks, yes.
  9. "Resetting" is a function of Windows 10 and possibly Windows 8/8.1.
  10. If you're concerned about the reset function deleting stuff off of your drives, disconnect them from the system to avoid it altogether.
  11. Monster at the moment.
  12. CPU-Z shows the real clock speed at the "Clocks" section. The factory clock is in the "Specification" section.
  13. Where did you hear that it only supports Sickleflow fans? The mounting holes are the same as any other fan of the same size, so any fan that abides by the standard will work with the case.
  14. I wouldn't doubt it - I was probably using Toshiba's version of Windows Vista, which could've had things in it that I didn't know about.
  15. At idle, about 900MB of RAM was consumed.