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  1. How to setup Ps2 on my tv ?

    Also a side note...The only thing that emits video using Composite is the yellow connector. The white and red are strictly for audio. Typically(I haven't seen anything without it), Component connectors will have the red/green/blue colors for video output, and the white and red for audio. Your TV might support use of Composite cables but you will need to look at the Component connectors and/or the manual for the TV if you have it. I have an LG TV that allowed the use of the yellow connector in one of the Component connectors.
  2. How to setup Ps2 on my tv ?

    The TV is using component. Red/green/blue is component, whereas the yellow connector(the only one for video) is composite. @WolfLoverPro If you want to use your PS2 on that TV using component, you can grab an AV to component adapter for your PS2. I've used the adapter and it works fine. The PS2 natively supports component output.
  3. Slow download speeds why?

    Can you repeat it on multiple websites? For example, what if you're downloading drivers from NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel? Do you get the same bandwidth or does it randomly drop?
  4. cleaning

    Plastic is naturally an insulator of electricity, hence the static electricity generation. Think regular plastic bags.
  5. Graphics card is touching cpu air cooler

    If you loosen the cooler, you might be able to shift it so it's not touching the card anymore.
  6. That is quite an assumption about people's purchasing habits. I personally game at 1080p144, and at this point, I prefer a higher frame rate over a higher resolution. Some video games are also poorly optimized and require something more expensive than a 300USD video card, and not only that, but some people want more than 100FPS in video game, especially if they bought a 144Hz or higher monitor over a 120Hz monitor.
  7. NOD32 keeps finding viruses/threats?

    Do you notice any weird behavior on your PC?
  8. How do you build a community reputation.

    If you're looking for a good reputation, just be a useful member of society. When posting in someone's topic, give them useful information that can actually help them. If you're creating topics that are meant to be informative, ensure that they're actually informative, and post high quality content. Sarcasm and jokes can be fun, but don't be unnecessarily sarcastic or make unnecessary jokes when helping someone or trying to be informative.
  9. Messed up the shape of one of screws on motherboard

    The top photo is too blurry, and the bottom one is just too low of a resolution.
  10. Messed up the shape of one of screws on motherboard

    Screw, not screwdriver.
  11. Messed up the shape of one of screws on motherboard

    Can you post a photo of the screw's condition?
  12. Jonnyguru reviewed the 500W model: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=505
  13. Verify the clock speed using CPU-Z.
  14. I think it's logical for AMD to abandon anything more than two-way support for video cards. NVIDIA made the right decision, and AMD made the right decision by following suit.
  15. Voltage increase on 1050 Ti dangerous?

    Yes, that is correct.