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  1. Wiping hardrives

    When installing Windows, I would advise leaving the other drives unplugged(power or data are equivalent in this scenario. Doesn't matter which one you disconnect) due to Windows sometimes putting System Reserved partitions on other drives during installation. Afterwards, after you get set up, you can open Disk Management(as mentioned above) to remove the current partitions and create new ones.
  2. My manager pisses me off sometimes.

  3. It could actually be more expensive to repair a device when factoring in labor costs, and that's why it's sometimes cheaper just to give a new device to someone, whether it's a car, computer, smartphone, etc.
  4. Yes..if it's too expensive to repair it...But here they don't appear to have the necessary channels to actually fix something or get people authorized to do the repairs. The whole thing is ridiculous and we shouldn't be having this discussion. Apple should have everything in place for every product so they can be repaired, especially products that cost as much as a damn car, and especially towards someone who is willing to spend the money to have it in working condition again. I really can't stress this enough. The price is far too high to not have any proper servicing available in place for paying customers. This isn't even about Linus. This is about a customer not getting the proper support to have their computer back in working order.
  5. What would happen if an internal component failed in the iMac Pro? Are they going to just replace the entire computer with another $5,000 iMac Pro?
  6. But, now Apple is making an assumption about what their customers are doing, and even if they don't open it....what about the cracked glass? That can happen to anyone.
  7. Then both the electronics and automotive have somewhat of an issue: Ensuring consumer products can be repaired within a reasonable amount. All Apple products, regardless of their cost, should receive proper support, even if someone opened up a unit. All that says is if someone opened up a unit, it breaks the warranty instantly and the customer is required to pay for all rework/repair that needs to be performed. Not..."well, you opened it. We refuse to fix your product, even if you pay for it." Companies should be required to fix currently supported consumer products regardless of warranty status. If the customer has to pay for it, so be it. But if you don't have the necessary channels in place to repair a $5,000 unit, that's a problem, and I wonder if this'll make people think twice before buying an iMac Pro that might set them back a fair bit.
  8. Something costing $5000 better have parts available to have it repaired. The cost of the iMac is comparable to a car and cars must have parts available to fix it, even if they have to be imported.
  9. FreeSync is driven by Adaptive Sync which is found in DisplayPort 1.2a. So a card would have to support that rev to support FreeSync.
  10. I don't think there's anything that's limiting NVIDIA from allowing their cards to support FreeSync. Mobile G-Sync is driven by Adaptive Sync. So they can definitely do it.
  11. Does LMG have a retirement home for old farts like you guys? Kappa

    1. dizmo


      And he feels the smack of the ban hammer in 5...4...3...

    2. Godlygamer23


      Nope. They didn't need me anymore, so they just threw me out and told me to get lost.


      I'm kidding. None of that happened. 

    3. BadluckBrian


      Harsh treatment, you could say they dropped you eh

  12. 1080 upgrade on sandybridge system

    PCIe 3.0 is only supported with an Ivy Bridge CPU installed. Otherwise, you are limited to 2.0 due to the onboard controller. I can't tell you my experience with VR, but with my 3570K at 4.2GHz and a 1070, I definitely see bottlenecking in CPU heavy games(Hellblade is an example where I see loads of stuttering). Your 2600K will probably fare better due to hyper-threading and the clock speed overcoming the architecture's IPC deficiencies compared to Ivy Bridge.
  13. Have you tried all the different modular connectors on the power supply(the appropriate ones for peripheral cables)? I'm thinking a short is occurring somewhere.
  14. If you have a motherboard speaker connected, it'll create beeps if yours doesn't have a code readout display. What power supply are you using?
  15. Fan headers POWER

    The only spec I found in the manual relating to the amperage rating of the fan headers is the one for CPU_FAN.