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    Applying the Scientific Method(s) to everyday life.


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    Core i5 3570K @ 4.2GHz
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    ASUS P8 Z77 LK
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    G.Skill 12GB @ 1.3GHz effective
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    Gigabyte Windforce 970
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    CM Cosmos II
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    Intel 520 240GB SSD; 3 WD Caviar Blue HDDs; 1TB NAS
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    SeaSonic 750 watt fully modular
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    NZXT Kraken x60
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    CM Storm Trigger
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    CM Storm Xornet
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    Sound Blaster Z
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. Maybe not, but if it is discovered, the new account will likely be terminated.
  2. Multitasking. Also known as "task shitting."

    1. themctipers




      how i actually get ANYTHING done

  3. Because the requirements were not met, I moved the thread to General Discussion. In the future, when making posts in the Tech News sub-forum, please ensure they follow the requirements, or the thread may get locked or moved to another sub-forum.
  4. Please update your post as it does not meet our Tech News posting requirements.
  5. It depends on how the software handles PhysX. Just like how some games can lose performance when using SLI or Crossfire. It's how the game handles it.
  6. Brilliant profile pic!

  7. Updated. I also added a screenshot of CPU-Z per the instructions in the OP.
  8. Getting a warning for a written warning because products are not moving as fast as we would like? 


    We have lots of products on the floor that need to keep moving, and I've been moving everything as best as possible, and there's a possibility I could get a written warning? 


    Yeah, here's a secret "fuck you." 

    1. NCIX Lampy

      NCIX Lampy

      Your boss sounds like an ass 

  9. Here's my submission for the Unigine Superposition benchmark: Just a few points here: The 3570K is running at 4.2GHz. It doesn't show up in there as it runs through Turbo. My 970 is running at 1.456GHz all throughout the benchmark. And finally, my system memory is running at 1333MHz effective. And if you're wondering about the green number in the screenshot, that's GeForce Experience. It's the frame rate capture. Screenshots of CPU-Z and GPU-Z respectively:
  10. Do you have thermal paste applied to the cooler, and if so, is the amount sufficient? Is the cooler secure to the CPU?
  11. I'm going to try getting back into YouTube, but I have to make an entirely new account because for some reason, I can't recover the original. That's a real shame.

    1. NCIX Lampy

      NCIX Lampy

      Deleted or just unrecoverable due to missing account information? 

    2. Godlygamer23


      Missing account information. 

    3. NCIX Lampy

      NCIX Lampy

      Good luck, man. I unfortunately still can't change the password on one of my extremely old accounts due to poor higher powers management at a services company. It's under a hierarchy that has the email deleted/deactivated and it's just sitting there. It's really awkward and annoying. 

  12. The OS writes its own data during usage, and any programs that are installed contribute to this value. It's not a high number to begin with. According to CrystalDiskInfo, I've written 38TB to my SSD in the past near five years that I've had it.
  13. Windows is linked to the hardware used. In my situation, I had to reinstall Windows on my test machine after moving from Ivy Bridge to Lynnfield, and when I entered my key and activated it(same license being used as with the Ivy Bridge system), it worked fine, though you may have a different experience.
  14. Thread locked. Please remember these rules when posting in Off Topic: