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  1. This is why I always post here first! Thank you, I always have trouble finding cheaper stuff. PSU is hard for me because I haven't bought one in like... five years haha. I agree; I picked the 970 Evo because I've used it before, so I didn't know what else is good. If the P1 is reliable then I would rather save the money. The specific work program is something called Gerber. I couldn't find much info on it, but I found that the minimum reqs in 2016ish were an i5-2500 and 4Gb of RAM, so I assumed it isn't too CPU hungry. Though I did pick the 3400G over the 3200G for the multi-th
  2. Try running lower resolutions. That's what my sister does on my old 6700HQ/960m 16GB RAM laptop. It can handle BF1 on Low/Medium at 720P just fine. Is Siege not easy to run like it used to be?
  3. Hey everybody I am looking to help my friend build a home office PC for his mom. She would like it to cost less than $700, and she already has all of the required peripherals. She wants it to be reliable without crashing and such. It shouldn't look flashy. With all that in mind, I made a list; if you have some critiques or a better list, I'd love to see them. Thank you! PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor $149.99 @ Best Buy
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Surface Laptop 2. Mine has been wonderful over the past year. About a replacement: if you still trust Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 3 is better and more serviceable than the Surface Laptop 2. If you don't like Microsoft anymore, that's okay. Dell makes some really good laptops at multiple price points. An XPS 13 is similar in specs and price to the Surface Laptop, but with a 16:9 ratio screen instead of the tall Surface screens. Dell's keyboards are top-notch, too. If you like Apple, lots of people will recommend the Macbook Pro 13;
  5. Alright, thanks for the advice
  6. I don't want to use my phone because 1) it will use quite a bit of battery and 2) I only have 128GB non-expandable storage on the Pixel 3. All of the FLACs I have would eat through that storage. I probably should have put that in the OP, my apologies! FiiO M7 maybe? Reviews from its release are positive and it's down to $130 on Amazon. I may have answered my own question haha.
  7. I am now reading reviews for some FiiO players. Also I don't really need WiFi since I'm only gonna load my CD rips onto the player.
  8. Hey Audio guys. I bought the Massdrop HD58X headphones after trying my brother's pair and I love them. While my PC drives them well and sounds great, the Google headphone adapter for my Pixel 3 simply doesn't provide enough power to drive them at a good volume without sounding bad. I don't enjoy being tethered to my PC to listen to music, so I'd like a DAP to drive the headphones elsewhere (and save battery + storage on my phone). So, I'm looking for a DAP. I don't mind saving up $300 or so if it means getting a high-quality player. I am thinking of getting the ACTIVO CT10 after wa
  9. The Snapchat app is way better than it was a couple years ago. Works with Google Pixel HDR if not most phone HDR implementations, and takes pretty good Snapchat photos.
  10. I thought they may like CUDA for video editing, but I'm not sure if and CAD programs utilize CUDA acceleration. Still waiting for an answer on the CAD program, sorry.
  11. My father uses Autodesk, which used to require "pro" cards, but I don't modern versions do. I'll try to find out the software.
  12. Hello I've had plenty of experience with gaming PCs, but a friend has asked me for help with a CAD and video editing desktop. This isn't exactly in my skillset, so my first thought was the forum! Below is what I've pieced together so far. My friend would like to keep the budget below $850 USD but he's said up to $1,000 is possible if necessary—yes, I know that complicates it. They would like it to be a regular size (in relation to a Define Meshify C). Mouse, board and monitor are needed. The parts below can be bought at my local Micro Center (Dallas store), though that is not esse
  13. Bump - problem still persists Again: fresh drivers (post-DDU uninstall), fresh Windows on a freshly formatted SSD. Any idea how I could diagnose the issue?
  14. Will do. I have used DDU in the past, and I'll give it another try.
  15. While playing games, my graphics card drivers will randomly crash. The game will still be running, but the window will be invisible, and I have to kill the program with Task Manager. There used to be an error notification that showed up when it happened, but now there is no such notification. The notification was: "Display driver stopped responding, and has recovered." No error codes or anything, no BSODs. Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit (Newest updates, fresh copy) MSI Z97S SLI Krait (Most recent BIOS from MSI's site) Intel i7-4790k (Stock speeds) Kingston HyperX FURY 2x8GB 18