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  1. ohh thanks do you tthink its better to set timings from the vendor (corsair ) or the Ryzen DRAM calculator? first one give same timmings for two kits the second give different timming due to differents chips in modules
  2. hi can i apply xmp to 2ddr kits of 2 modules each same number part, capacity, cl, but different chip manufacturer ? can i apply different timmngs to each kit ? Thanks
  3. recently i buy the aorus ultra.. the Manual, support and accesories are very very basic you need to upgrade bios inmediatly.. due to AMD usb2 issues double check RAM supported list quality is wood but next time ill go for MSI or ASUS
  4. thank you ! it works... do you have a guide to make my corsair ddr4 3000 run at this speed... i´ve try a lot of tutorials but nothing work xmp auto only shows BSOD
  5. hi i was trying to enable xmp on my aorus ultra x570 just set manually the timimgs and voltage 1.35 given by corsair after save and exit i got only a the fans running but monitors are compete black they are not on iddle keyboar does not lights up either how can i boot this thing thanks ?
  6. well i just realized that its a big issue from AMD that they dont have solve yet
  7. now that windows is making some upgrade a mice connected to these onboard usb 2.0 port lights up for some seconds during the upgrade installation... but it disappear after login
  8. Hi i had a problem with my new aorus ultra x570 motherboard... the onboard usb2.0 ports are not working first i thought that it was a bios issue but then i made a bios update and the problem still there i´d install the amd am4 chipset driver from amd and the onboard usb 2.0 and after reboot all ports came to live but after a sceond reboot they all gone again i made a clean install of win10, i try with the amd am4 from the begining but they are out it is not the PSU, its a corsair rmx850 5years old but i never have an issue with my previous build
  9. Hi i have am aorus ultra x570 mother board with 4x16Gb ddr4 ram from corsair this is the link https://www.corsair.com/es/es/Categorías/Productos/Memoria/VENGEANCE-LPX/p/CMK32GX4M2B3000C15#tab-tech-specs i dont know howto apply those 4 latency numbers into the bios in order to get them up to 3000Mhz XMP auto only give me BSOD (blue screens) thanks for the help
  10. another posibility is that i just realized that i pluc the cpu fans into the CPU_OPT fans pins. as this article clame some MB will not start if CPU_FAN pins are not connected https://www.cgdirector.com/cpu-fan-vs-cpu-opt/
  11. 5years its a corsair rm850x with 4hdd 1sata ssd 1nvme + gtx1070 + ryzen 9
  12. the problem was that the handle of the socket x570 was not locked ! a very weird situation because i do all for it but even if i double check that the cpu was locked into the socked it was not... when i start to prepare the disassembly and try to remove the cpu heat sink it came off with the CPU then i saw the problem.. i put all in place again and the pc start for the first time eureka
  13. Hi i dont know if this is the right place but i recently upgrade my motherboard and i got the same problem... In windows 10, with a fresh install or not i got an USB 2.0 keyboard (G413) and an USB 2.0 speaker harman kardon from time to time at power on or on a wake-up windows these are not recognize by windows... if i need them i must plug then into another set of USB ports maybe i change them to the usb 3.0 ports, maybe to another usb 2.0 some times to the from panel usb.. no matter were they are they will disappear for non reason any