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  1. Problem with the Note 20 Ultra is they appear to have vanished off some networks pages in the last few weeks
  2. Currently running a Galaxy Note9 512GB, had it since launch and it’s been a great phone but is coming up 3 years old now and doesn't get OS updates anymore. My current sim only deal runs out next month, so the question is do I upgrade or carry for another year with the Note9? Condition wise the screen has a few scratches on it but not noticeable when the screen is on unless its black and the room is bright, paint on the frame is scuffed in places, I have replaced the battery and the back glass. Biggest question for me is if I do upgrade what do I upgrade to? There is apparently no
  3. Think the UK release time is normally 1pm, not sure if that helps
  4. AMD Phenom II X4 955, died many years ago when a friend turned the pc on whilst the cooler wasn't attached, took us a few minutes to notice
  5. Had an old Phenom II lying around and wondering if I could delid it to get a look at the die (because I'm bored and stupid), too say it didn't go well is an understatement, AMD definitely used solder back then as well. Dont worry, the CPU was dead long before I tried this but thought people might enjoy the image.
  6. They didn't even describe the Tuesday or Thursday shifts as overtime to me, just said that's the contract and what they all work. As soon as they mentioned it I knew I wouldn't be taking the job. No company should be having people in the business 13+ hours a day as a regular thing
  7. I went for a job interview with 3XS last year, definitely got the impression that it wasn't going to be a fun work environment plus the hours were insane. Reading some of the ratings on Glassdoor give a clear picture of a bad place to work as well Scan are definitely not a good company, heard so many bad customer service stories over the years. I only use them these days if I need something the same day as it's a 10 minute drive to go pick it up
  8. Been shopping with Scan since I was a child (my dad used to take me, we had several of the mugs they used to have) Its not the first time they've done this
  9. First time they've had them in stock since launch, I check a lot
  10. Was momentarily excited today when i spotted some 6700XT for sale at my local PC retailer, that quickly turned to sadness when I spotted they were charging similar prices to the eBay scalpers. Clearly going to be well toward Christmas before I can get my hands on a card. Retail price on AMD website is £411.60, Can't believe retailers are charging insane prices, AMD/Nvidia should refused to supply cards to them if this is the case
  11. So pulled the motherboard out this morning, no obvious signs of damage at the bottom of the board where the sparks happened, still wont start up (didnt expect it to) but bit of playing around I think the bios flashback tool is working so not sure now if it'll be the board thats dead or the CPU thats fired, or (god please no) both are dead )
  12. Aye, will give that a try tomorrow.
  13. Can't see any damage but I did see it spark when it hit
  14. Just been moving my pc around to try and move an air bubble out of the cpu block when a spare metal EK plug fell onto the motherboard. PC hard turned off and wont turn back on, I've disconnected the power for 10 minutes and held the power button down to drain the power, I've popped the cmos battery out. When reconnecting the power the motherboard RGB lights come on and the start and reset buttons light up but the PC wont turn on. Guessing I've killed the board? The metal plug landed around the internal usb headers are, anyone got any ideas or do i need to start shopping for a new b
  15. Ok good to know, debating upgrading to X570 and grabbing a 980 Pro or WB Black drive and ditching the raid. Cant buy a GPU so might as well change some other parts