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  1. My thoughts exactly, I wouldn't mind it as much if it wasn't made out of craptacular plastic.
  2. I probably might've if the shipping wasn't the same amount as the object itself. I'll be making some out of aluminium on my CNC when I get the material, that should look a bit better.
  3. After a few years of rough use my DT-770's slider assemblies decided to give out. I didn't want to spend the ridiculous price(£20 for plastic clips?) for the replacement parts, so decided to put something together with the parts I had on hand. Just some plastic with some brass and bolts. I'll be fixing some proper ones up out of aluminium when I get the stock in. Hopefully these will get me through the week. Any of ya'll got some quick fixes you've done on your headphones? If so do share.
  4. Looks pretty good. If you wanna save an extra buck go with the i7-5820K. Be sure to check compatibility with the MoBo. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-X99-GAMING/HelpDesk_QVL/ Good luck with the build! -Eve
  5. Eve

    78GBs of RAM anyone?

    Kingston HyperX Black Edition 6*8GBs 2*16GBs
  6. A simple Gigabyte GTX 980. I need OpenGL!
  7. Generally our tele's run around 2400euros. Seems like a good project, I'd like to see the results when you put her together.
  8. I mostly build guitars at my dad's Company. Though I'm a bassist myself, building 6 strings remains fun. Here's one of the guitars I've worked on.
  9. I'll look into it. I got one other psu, but it's new in box.
  10. I suppose that's one of the few options left. I've reset the bios and all that stuff. No joy.
  11. Sadly I don't have any x99 mobo available. Or anything running DDR4
  12. I got it to boot with one stick before, adding sticks after that made it do this again.
  13. Video card has been ruled out. I've done full voltage testing on the psu. Nothing out of the ordinary.