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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4GHz
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    16GB 3466MHz CL16 Dual Channel
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    GIGABYTE GTX 1660 GAMING OC @ Core 2040MHz Memory 5000MHz
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    212 EVO with an improvised AM4 mounting solution
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    Windows 7/Windows Server 2019

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  1. That's a misunderstanding, In next gen consoles the CPU will be using 8GB of VRAM as RAM,and the GPU will have 8GB available for it.
  2. 10GB is overkill, Most modern GPUs have 6GB or 8GB. I have 6GB and it's more than enough for 1440p.
  3. Just pull the battery,something seems off there and resetting the CMOS may fix it.
  4. On second though i think you should reset the CMOS and try again,the CPU ratio must match the frequency. 3.2GHz = 32 3.8GHz = 38
  5. It's because the adjusted CPU frequency is 3200MHz - which is 3.2GHz. The multiplier is strange though.
  6. It's possible that throttle stop is responsible for it, But you can try in the power settings to change the minimum processor speed to 100%,this will kind of make the frequency fixed and consistent. This method is not good for battery life and power consumption.
  7. Wrong,what happens is that the cooler the processor the more efficient it is,and more efficiency means higher clock speeds - until the temperatures rise.
  8. Seems like the boost algorithm,it's still based on temperature - it just needs lower temps than what you currently get under load.
  9. It's technically not throttling since the CPU hits it's base clock speed.
  10. That's how the CPU behaves when the cooling solution is not good enough to sustain those speeds under load.
  11. Please don't do that,that's dangerous. And those power supplies are usually of questionable quality,often dangerous. I would advise to use a case like this with a good quality PSU:
  12. It depends on too many factors,for example: Number of factories,number of production lines per factory,manufacturing capacity per production line or total manufacturing capacity, yield,number of workers at a production line or a total amount,and there is more... So the answer is that you should try asking the manufacturer.
  13. Even if they ban it in the US,people on Android can still download the app from a third party non US store...