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  1. you're a legend, take care ) thanks again
  2. Thank you so much , thanks for taking time from your day to help me i appreciate it :)
  3. So i tried to play few games and it made it worse ,in every game i played i got like 10-20 fps less, but with 2 sticks i was getting like 30-40fps
  4. so i replaced sticks and now it says 8gb (6.95GB usable)
  5. so i removed one of my rams and it said 2gb - 1.70gb usable My monitor cable is connected to my GPU
  6. i played CSGO for 7 mins and thats what i got
  7. Am very sorry i meant to say Asus Strix 970
  8. Thank you all very much for helping me .
  9. Ok, Thank you very much you helped me alot.
  10. If i upgrade my core to i5 7400, motherboard to Gigabyte B450M GAMING Motherboard, Socket AM4,B450,DDR4,S-ATA 600,Micro ATX and upgrade my ram to 16GB ddr4 will that help ?